Earth Day Evening

Arms wide, I galumphed across the grassy lawn to catch two boys in fleece. Brown eyes, brown hair, in red. Blue eyes, fair hair in green. “Monster’s gonna eat me,” they both squealed, giggling, as I hauled them back to my lair. Before I’d even managed to nibble a toe they were off again, laughing up into the sunshine and blue sky about escaping.

I took turns changing the ‘tires’ and refueling two race cars when they rolled to a stop. In a flash, the pit stop was done and they were tearing around the trampoline again.

They bounced and laughed, collided and tackled (oh dear, but no tears or bruises), and wrestled and rolled around on the trampoline.

Before Samuel joined us, Cameron and I cuddled in the afternoon sun, hugging and bunny-nose kissing, healing after the snarls of last night.

We dozed off together after stories in his bed, and many sleepy repeats of, “I love you.”.

Today was Earth Day, and we spent the evening doing something critical. We played together. We played with one of Cameron’s friends, outside in the back yard, surrounded by fruit trees that haven’t been sprayed in decades, and compost-enriched gardens misted with the green of sprouting vegetables.


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