Because Elephants are Funny

Sometimes when things get too stressful there’s only one sane response. Laughter.

After three thousand eight hundred and fifty five repeats of, “Why mommy,” I had just about had it. We stopped on the way home at London Drugs – I need a new camera, and this store has just about everything. Including a yummy coffee place. Cameron got a hot chocolate, and I got my first latte in a week. “Can I have whipped cream, Mommy,” Cameron asked? Followed of course by “Why?” Then he saw the canister for the cream, and asked, “Is that the whipped cream, Mommy?” Yes, I answered, because it was. “Why Mommy?” What? Why? Why is that the whipped cream? Now, sometimes I’ll try to figure out what he’s really asking, like, “Do you mean how does it make the whipped cream?” But this time the only thing I could do at this point to avoid totally losing any semblance of cool, was to say, “Because it’s not elephants, my love.”

Cameron thought this was hilarious. So did the girl making his hot chocolate. As she started to swoosh whipped cream into the mug, Cameron’s eyes sparkled with more than the usual anticipation. “Look Mommy! Look! She’s putting ephalants on my hot chocolate!”

And then he asked why.


So we were in the back yard. We had had a rough morning involving my sheets getting soaked with little-boy pee. This meant that we couldn’t do the fun after-daycare thing I had planned, and needed to go home to do laundry.

Cameron was tired. He’d been really good while I bought the camera, but the walk home was the limit of his patience. We headed to the back yard to do laundry and have some fun.  I had brought down the kite we got last summer, but it was bad timing. Meltdown!

Things back under control, we bounced on the trampoline, until Cameron announced that he was trying to break it. “Honey, you’d have to be an elephant to break this trampoline. It’s too sturdy to break!”

So we pretended.

“Look Mommy! I’m a giraffe! I’m a giraffe, but the trampoline isn’t breaking! I’m not an ephalant!”

“Mommy, you’re a horse! But you’re not an ephalant so it’s not breaking!”

“Cameron, you’re a camel! A camel! But not an elephant, so it’s not breaking!”

We went through a whole zoo. Our neighbours must think we’re nuts – we were yelling these animals (and sometimes their sounds) at the top of our lungs.

Except the elephants. No elephants. Because we wouldn’t want the trampoline to break.


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