End of a Rough Day

It’s ten thirty. Cameron’s spent a good half hour in the tub, baked-on snot, dirt, and sand soaking off while I waited for the humidity (and meds) to work their way through the congestion that’s making Cameron miserable. Now he’s finally asleep.

That’s right. Another virus has infiltrated our lives.


This morning was pure hell. Cameron would not wake up, then would not get up, then would not get dressed. Then he flat-out refused to come with me when it was time to go. I warned him that dire things would happen. Then I named the dire thing that would be the result of my reaching a count of ‘three’.

No hot chocolate.

I gave him so many chances. Because I know that this is a drastic measure. But in the end I hauled a hysterically sobbing child around ten (?) blocks to the bus stop by the arm. Dragged him onto the bus screaming. Held him on my lap while he whimpered. Hauled him to daycare. Without a hot chocolate.

I’m willing to be lenient when I know illness is behind the behaviour, but this was over-the-top and required action.

I feel like crap.

Oh, and there’s a bag full of pee-soaked clothes that need washing. Three pairs of pants, four pairs of underpants, one shirt, two pairs of socks, all drenched.

Happy thoughts:

Found a drug store that will sell kids’ decongestants without having to be grilled by a suspicious pharmacist whose mission in life is to protect children from medicines that he can’t even pronounce correctly.  I know, I know, they say that these meds don’t really work on kids. Bull. They work beautifully on Cameron.

I decided to try a fun trip to the beach after daycare. Sure, he was tired and sick, but playing in fresh air and sun? How could that be bad? We had a blast. It wasn’t our most active trip, but Cameron had fun with a bright little whirly-fan I bought for him. Then a good trip home by boat, with a stop to have a snack at Granville Island. Cameron took off chasing pigeons, returning to have a perogie popped in his mouth.

On the final boat ride of the evening, the operator was a charming young guy. He must have some experience with kids Cameron’s age, as he pointed out things of interest along the way. Boats, buildings, construction – and seals! It’s been a while since we saw seals on a trip, so that was pretty cool.

Plans. Assuming tomorrow Cameron is feeling up to it, we’ve got a big adventure planned. I’m kind of excited about it!

I’ve got some thoughts about play and development rattling around in my head, after listening to a clip from TED. If you haven’t found ted.com, find it now! While doing some mindless tasks at my desk (reconciling a credit card) I was listening to some of the coolest things! Now, my thoughts on play will take a while to percolate through and become a post. But it’s coming.

Plans for more short-term too. Like, tonight. If I scurry I can eat (whups, I missed supper, unless you count a few perogies in the market), and be in the tub by 11. Watch Grey’s online perhaps while in there, then bed. Maybe the meds will make Cameron sleep in tomorrow morning? Hey, even the possibility of that makes me happy.


2 responses to “End of a Rough Day

  1. Mmmmmm…. perogies. Really miss those.
    Now you’ve got me craving them! (and yes, a couple from a vendor does count as dinner 🙂

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