Mutiny on the High Seas!

We were sitting on the False Creek Ferry at the Yaletown dock, waiting presumably a set period of time. The operator was standing on the dock, holding on to the boat, and Cameron of course asked me … you guessed it … Why? Why is he holding onto the boat? Oh. Why doesn’t he want it to float away?

The operator was talking to his friend, and got distracted. What was supposed to be a momentary release to scratch an itch turned into a hand-shake, and some gestures. Before you knew it, the boat had drifted away from the dock, out of reach. Some of the passengers gasped, “What will we do?” But Cameron didn’t! He scrambled in a heartbeat for the operator’s chair, seized the wheel, and throttled up! Did he go back to the dock? No! To the tune of passenger’s cheers, he steered for the high seas of False Creek! Mutiny! Unencumbered by tickets and fares, Captain Cameron and his new crew explored the waters, investigated the anchored sail boats, and chased after seals.

Then, they came across a line of buoys, red-hatched danger signs bobbing in the waves. Cameron pulled back on the throttle. He wouldn’t dare … would he? Everyone knows the Sea Monster Sammy resides past those signs. But he crossed the line. All the crew held their breaths. Sammy raised his blue green purple head above the surface of the water, nostrils dilated, snorting. Who dares to come into his realm? Toot-toot, Cameron honked the boat’s horn. Toot-toot, the monster replied. They sounded the same! Soon, the brave Captain Cameron was whirling and twirling the boat in a graceful water ballet, with Sammy, until the monster had worn himself out and gotten quite dizzy.

Victorious, and a new friend made, Captain Cameron took his crew back across the buoy line. It was a fun day, but it was time for lunch. With a put-put-put he gently set the boat against the Granville Island dock, and returned the boat to a very relieved operator. But Cameron will be watching closely, waiting for his next chance!

Okay, maybe not. But it still made a great way to pass the time on the boat ride! Cameron and I were the on-board entertainment it seemed – even the operator was laughing, and contributed the name of the sea monster.


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