The last few days – heck, couple of weeks – have been rough. Yes, we’ve had some really good times, but man there have been some sucky times. Cameron was sick for nearly a week producing gross stuff from both ends. I stayed home most of the week, even lost ‘my’ day off for it, looking after him. I got sick. I didn’t take any time off work for that (dumb!), which left me exhausted and teary, feeling sorry for myself and miserable. Cameron’s pushing every button he can find, and when he isn’t I perceive that he is anyway. And then he caught another bug that’s got him (and me too) sniffly and snotty.

Which all leads me to this post.

Tonight I am recognizing things for which I am grateful. A little bit of gratitude goes a long way in terms of improving ones mood.

Family. While I grew up with a very small family, through marriages and love it has grown much larger. I know without a doubt that I am loved, and by many people. I also know that I have many people to love – a luxury many do not have. I know that if I really needed it, family would be here in a heartbeat, and they have in the past. Dad and Janice were here for the court date over a year ago to support me. Betty comes to visit to help out periodically, and everyone makes sure Cameron and I get to Comox to see Nana.

Friends. Old friends and new. Joanne brought me groceries when I was sick, her brother watched the girls while she did this. She and Paul arrange to be sure Cameron’s car seat is in their van so Joanne can drive us home after daycare, making two evenings a week significantly easier. Chris came and looked after Cameron for a couple of hours while I was sick. Carly comes and shares adventures, brightens my weekends, and helps me to get OUT now and then.

Excess. Money may be a little tight around here, but not like in many other households. I was reminded of this as I lugged seven big black garbage bags full of clothes and toys downstairs. The Diabetes Association will pick them up to raise funds. I’m quite lucky that I have enough that I can do that.

Where we live. We’re really very lucky to live in a city like Vancouver. In so many other places in the world, Cameron might not have a reasonable hope of a happy, safe life. Even in other cities in North America, he would be on a much tighter rein. But instead, today at the park Cameron was free to roam quite some distance away from me. Granted there were two other pairs of eyes assisting me in keeping track of him, but I was fine with sitting on the grassy hill, watching Cameron play on the fire truck below. He joined other kids weaving around the trees and climbing on rocks that line the playground. He and Lolo rolled down the green-grassy hill, and shook their booties to the beat of a circle of drummers. All with a marvelous breath-taking landscape – forest, beach, mountains, English Bay.

Cameron. Of course. The way he’ll play himself into the ground, until he’s so exhausted that he falls asleep on my lap on the bus. The giggles and grins as he rolls down a hill. How he climbs! How he steadfastly leads the way, navigating a route across big boulders, whether or not anyone is following. Of course, if someone does follow, he’s just beside himself with glee! His kisses (even the snotty kisses), his hugs, how he giggles when I do silly things. How he snuggled close, sound asleep, when I picked him up from the floor in the middle of the night after a tumble out of bed. How he says, “I love you Mommy,” and, “You’re my mommy, and I make you happy.”

So much more … but that will have to do for now. It’s bedtime. And after such a wonderful afternoon in the park, I’m ready for bed.

Oh. I have a great bed. I’m grateful for that, too.


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