Viruses Suck

… and this one is beating the crap out of me. Three nights in a row now, cough cough cough cough cough. Plus Cameron up frequently. Plus the friggin’ cat digging at the front door. I sprayed her with water after a few attempts at nicer resolution, but I can’t do that with the cough or with Cameron.

Tonight should be a bit better, and the next night even better. The doctor I saw today figures the virus has teamed up with bacteria plus asthma, so meds should help! Yay!

Happinesses from today:

Dozing in bed, coughing only occasionally, while Betty and Cameron played in the livingroom. Tea in bed. Feeling loved and cared for.

Laughter. On our walk to the drug store Cameron spied a hose, which he commented on, then said, “But it’s not real.” I eyed him, and asked if he meant the hose wasn’t real. No, he said, he was just pretending. That the hose wasn’t real. I couldn’t help but giggle – my son was pretending to hallucinate.

Cherry and pear blossoms (apple and plum too). The trees in the neighbourhood are full of flowers, and the air is full of swirling petals.

I did manage to get Cameron to a playground today, where he ran and played with a fluid cluster of other children.

Hot lemon and honey … and medicine. Here’s hoping for a better night’s sleep! Tomorrow we head for the ferries on another adventure and I’d like to be rested enough to enjoy it.


2 responses to “Viruses Suck

  1. Have you heard about ginger tea?

    Freshly grate ginger, steep with boiling water, strain into a cup, add honey (a fair bit) to taste. You’ll feel a zing in your throat as it goes down. Fresh ginger has amazing healing properties and a bazillion antioxidants for all kinds of ailments.

    Hope you feel better soon!


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