Taken Hostage


We have taken your regular blog writer hostage. Who are we? We are an evil cough-producing virus and a nasty bacteria that have taken up residence in her lungs. We are being openly assisted by her own immune system, attacking her lungs – otherwise known as asthma.

Our demands?

Total world domination, naturally.


I’ve survived over 24 hours of no computer or internet access! It’s a miracle!

That’s right. No email. No blog writing or reading. And no twitter!

We’re at my Nana’s with my mom, Bill, and Betty, and had a lovely birthday celebration for Nana.

I’m still sick. Cough, cough, incessant coughing. I’m exhausted. So … sorry that I don’t have wittiness or fabulous tales of adventures.

With luck in a day or so I’ll be able to get back to normal.


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