Is it bedtime yet?

I’m having a few troubles writing tonight.

I’m exhausted. Cameron is and always has been a sleep-challenged child. I’m rather tired of the recurring nature of this, though. Seriously, what happened to, “Go to sleep and wake up in the morning?” He did have it down pat for a while. Now? He’s waking twice in the night for a blanket assist (he can’t find it) or to get the covers back on him, even though he’s perfectly capable of doing it himself. He’s taking forever to fall asleep at night. He’s waking up at horrifying hours in the morning that shouldn’t be allowed to exist – you know, those ones close enough to your alarm going off that you only just barely manage to get back to sleep before it does?

You do realize of course, that it’s ten-thirty right now, and he’s still awake in his bed.

So I’m going to browse bed and breakfasts, dreaming of a night off, and once snores confirm that sleep has been achieved, I will go to bed.

So that I have the energy for an adventure tomorrow.


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