Reading the Writing on the Sand

A quick flashback to our last full day at Nana’s, when Cameron and I had a marvelous, long trip to the beach together while Betty got Nana settled back at the residence.IMG_0291

IMG_0303We played with starfish, found sand dollars, tormented crabs, and captured fish trapped in tidal pools.

Then it was time for a reading lesson.

What, you say? At a beach? Sure! Where else? Don’t you think that creative, fun, and involved techniques are what have the best chance of sticking? In my opinion, beaches and forests are the best places to learn to read and do math.

I don’t remember exactly why Cameron was on my shoulders. Probably it was to help him see further, or just simply for the fun of it.  With him clinging to my hair and enthusiastically yelling out letter names and sounds, I traced his name in the sand with my heel.

What then? Well, I’ll let you watch.

He was ever so proud of himself. After our picnic with Betty, and the tide had reclaimed the patch of sand we’d played on, he didn’t fuss about the creatures, the sand castles, or anything else. He sadly wanted to know why the water had covered up his name.


2 responses to “Reading the Writing on the Sand

  1. Neat! What a wonderful way and place to get some academic learning done 🙂 And he definitely knows his sounds well – something that I find it very difficult to explain to my daughter.

  2. The whole post is a lovely snapshot of the time at the beach – was Cameron pleased with the movie when he saw it?

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