Heaven: Ah-la-oo-m’mee

Having had a break made a world of difference when I returned to work after the long weekend. All the same … I’m wiped right out. Bedtime for me. After some quick recognition of happinesses.

Sunshine on a day expected to be cloudy and rainy. Lilacs. Playing in the back yard with Cameron, in an easy flow of people. Jumping on the trampoline with Cameron, Samuel, and Phil. It took a whole lot of work and energy, but we wore the boys out. A simple yet yummy supper – salmon teriyaki, broccoli, carrots, and rice. With my dad and my son. Pretty darned good. Curling up with Cameron at the very end of the day, snuggled close, holding hands. His too-tired-to-enunciate-words “Ah-la-oo-m’mee.”


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