Sharing Our Fun Trip Home

The best thing about discovering fun things to do is sharing them.

Cameron and I often take the False Creek Ferries on the way home. Often enough that Cameron knows the way, and it’s becoming a ‘usual’ thing, not a special thing. Perhaps this means it’s time to ease off a bit on using them, and return to them in a month, with excitement renewed.

But tonight there was a new twist. Someone else! Cameron had never been on the ferries with Grandpa, and so they came to meet me at work, and we took the express bus downtown. Just over the bridge we got off, and Cameron figured out where were were going. Down to the beach we headed!

We cannot possibly, or at least not without major incentive, get on a boat without some playtime on the beach. So Cameron climbed a bit on a grassy bank, watched as Grandpa and I tried to make music with grassblades (unsuccessfully), and gave it a try himself. They built a sandcastle with a tower on top at Grandpa’s suggestion, and when Cameron wished to know why, the explanation of, “So they can see their enemies coming,” apparently got misunderstood. You see, Cameron doesn’t know the word ‘enemy.’ He does, however, know about sea anemones. You can just imagine what was going through the kid’s mind.

Then it was time! Down onto the dock, rocking up and down on the waves, rougher than it’s ever been when I’ve been there with Cameron. But he’s well used to stepping onto the boats now, and navigated with no trouble. He was excited, and nattered the whole way across.

We didn’t go the whole way up to get home, and instead stopped at Granville Island to walk to a restaurant, with more playtime at a playground on the way. Then home to bath and bed.

Sun, wind, sand, water, boats, good food, playtime. And sharing. All in all, a pretty darned good evening.


One response to “Sharing Our Fun Trip Home

  1. So glad Cameron had a chance to show Grandpa Paul the beach, ferries, and ‘his’ territory.

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