Shot of Espresso Shouldn’t be Needed

Alright, I think bedtime does definitely need to be moved up. It’s one thing when an adult is slow to really get going, rubs their eyes in the morning and yawns, creeping to the local coffee shop for their caffiene fix in the morning.

It’s another entirely when it’s a three year old, dragging his feet, needing his hot chocolate fix. And the whining! Ohmylord the whining!

No, kids should wake up and be well rested. Adults can make the choice to stay up late and operate at a substandard level for the day (as I often seem to do of late), but a kid should get enough sleep.

(and yes, yay, I got the sidebar fixed. WordPress changed stuff around, and while most sidebar stuff updated automatically, they missed on the links)

So … those of you with little ones (or opinions), what time should bedtime be? What time is the younger set going to bed at your home?


8 responses to “Shot of Espresso Shouldn’t be Needed

  1. Depends what age and if they nap or not and what time you need him up by in the AM.

    I believe when Cody was Cameron’s age, I had him easily in bed BY 8:00 with no nap. He needed around 13 hours sleep and generally slept right through. With a nap, it was always a battle and ended up being around 10-11pm. I ended the naps when I wanted my evenings back. The transition was tricky at first as there was crankiness during the day and then ultimately falling asleep everytime we were driving. But he eventually got use to the no sleep by day.

    And, Cody did and still does always wake up happy go lucky. Bouncing off the walls happy in fact. So I think you’re on target for your lil’ guy.


  2. We strive for 8 pm around here. She sometimes doesn’t actually fall asleep until after 9, but at least she’s in bed.

    Waking up in the morning is hard, and if I rush her, it’s harder. So when I wake up, I turn on her light first thing, even though she doesn’t need to actually get up for another 40 minutes. That gives her time to gradually wake up on her own while I’m getting ready.

  3. 8? Eee. It’s eight now, and Cameron’s just getting into the tub. But I guess I did waste a bit of time when we got home, so could conceivably take 20 minutes off. My aim for tonight is in bed before nine.

    And Cameron’s hilarious – if I open his curtains when he isn’t ready to wake up, he’ll yelp and dive under the covers.

  4. I think every kid is different and you’re just going to have to play aorund and see what works for Cameron (and you!) Daniel is asleep by 9-9:30 and up at 6-6:30, but still takes substantial naps – like 2-3 hours in the afternoon. I love my breaks in the afternoon, but i don’t know if it’s worth the early mornings. He’s always needed less sleep than other kids in general. i’m just jinxed that way.
    Is Cameron napping at all any more?

  5. We usually try to get her IN bed by 8, but sleep doesn’t usually happen until 9ish. It doesn’t help that the sun is out and bright until past 9pm either!

  6. Tonight was roughly 10 here too, but it’s a weekend, so I didn’t push. The boys had a blast in the back yard, then Cameron played so independently in the tub.

    Yeah, Cameron naps. I think it drives his daycare provider nuts when he doesn’t, and he does still need it. He’s always been a little (ha) on the sleep resistant side.

    It’ll be interesting to see if he’s aware that it’s the weekend. Most of this week he’s been reluctant to wake up … but normal for him on the weekend is a full recovery and an early wakeup!

  7. during the week, monkey is in bed by 9 and ususally passes out within 5 min. Rarely is up past 9:30 even on a weekend. Mind you that means I”m always up by 7am….

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