Early Summer: Happinesses

I’m one of those strange people who cannot choose a favourite season, I think I’ve mentioned before. There’s something that I enjoy and anticipate eagerly with each. Summer’s formal recognition may be a bit away yet, but right now Vancouver is feeling like it has already begun, and I am enjoying it. Today we did our usual picnic at the park with Lolo, Carly, and Rick, and while the kids were on shorter ‘leashes’ than usual they still had a lot of fun. I’ll post the name of the Marimba group, Rick has it, but I can’t recall it right now.

The breeze off the water, with salt and seaweed on it, mingles with sunbaked sand, blossoms and barbeques.

Breezy skirts and sandals.

Sunhats on kids (and the fact that mine wears his), that unmistakable scent of sunscreen, bubbles in the wind, kites wheeling high above.

A crowd gathers to watch performers – an escape artist entertainer, magic tricks, or music. My little love dances and runs, his movements not yet censored by awareness of others watching or judging, free.

Evenings lying on the trampoline, while young ones dash through the sprinkler’s cold water shrieking and laughing, and dragonflies buzz overhead.

Windows open all night, arms and face cooled by the breeze, a comforting contrast to the warmth under the covers. The birds are only quiet for an hour or so in the very middle of the night.


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