The Menagerie Grows

Vancouver residents tend to get in a flap about wildlife in the city, or at least the media does. Rats, skunks, and raccoons are all pretty much the norm for cities, but we also apparently have a thriving population of coyotes. Every now and then the news hits a slow spell, or a coyote makes a broad daylight mid-park appearance, and the newspapers go nuts.

Imagine what they’d think if they knew we had a wolf hiding in our bamboo. “It’s just a small wolf, Mommy. I played with him. And it didn’t even bite me!” We – and by we I mean Cameron, as they dried too fast for me to see them – saw his wet footprints on the trampoline one day.

There are also penguins underneath the trampoline, who occasionally ride the bus with us. And there’s a tiger loose, by the way, in the bushes near Second Beach in Stanley Park. I’m surprised that one hasn’t hit the news yet, as Cameron made certain that all of the kids playing on the slide near there knew on Sunday. All of this is in addition to the Restaurant Lions, the super-bouncy frogs, and the elephants that stomped all over our back yard. The good news for me is that the animals seem to have decided that the apartment is off limits. I sure hope the elephants don’t change their minds.


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