Saved by a Zrbt

We had one of those evenings last night. You know the ones. Screaming, whining, crying, whining, screaming, whining. Oh, and whining, whining, whining. Followed by screaming. He’d ask me to do something, and if I didn’t hop-to, he would start with the tantruming. He wound up sobbing and screaming in the tub for fifteen minutes because I told him that I was NOT going to respond to that, he could sit in the tub until midnight if he chose to. I would come and get him out when he had been quiet for one whole minute. In bed he refused to sleep, playing, whining, tossing stuff out of his bed and screaming at me to get it, whining, screaming, whining, whining, and screaming. Until I put a stop to it by informing him that one more peep and I’d bring up our downstairs neighbour. She could stay with him and I would go for a long walk.


Not one more peep.

Tonight we got home, and he was worn right out. They’re stopping naps at daycare, as it’s too much trouble to get the older kids to wind down when it’s so nice out. So the older crew will head off to play at the park while the younger set has their still-needed nap. This was an evening where we got a ride home from Joanne, and wonder of wonders, Cameron dozed off in the car briefly. Once home, the whining started up again. Whine, whine, whine, whine. CONSTANT. Ohmyfreakinggawds it was constant. To be fair, the kid is pushing through another molar, something I only realized tonight after bath, but still! After he’d finally managed to get his supper into his tummy, out we went for a short playtime.

Even outside, Cameron whined and screamed. And I snarled and grouched. Until a tummy happened to be displayed. More out of habit than anything else I zrbted it. You know, like a kiss, but messy-noisy phphphphphbtt exhale?

In moments we were both giggling and rolling around laughing ourselves silly.

It was like a switch had been thrown. For around half an hour we had fun. No grouching, snarling, whining, or screaming. There was even some time when Cameron played on his own. He’s learned how to turn the water on and off, so he ran around with the hose, spraying the gardens like a big boy. I swayed in the hammock under the pear and plum trees. As the sun sank behind the houses, Cameron crawled in with me, and we cuddled for a while, talking about summer.

Thirty minutes of peace that I’ll cherish tonight.


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