Our Ocean Day Postponed

Today was World Oceans Day, an event that unfortunately seems to have gotten lost in the frequent springtime environmental recognitions days. There was Earth Hour, Earth Day, another day set aside to celebrate clean water, and now oceans. Still, I appreciate the movement.

Originally I hadn’t planned to do much today, but perhaps spend a bit of time by the beach on the weekend instead. We normally get a lift home from Joanne on Mondays, you see. But Joanne had to cancel, and this left me thinking that we would visit the beach today after all.

So, plans in mind, I swung past the local organic market and picked up some snackish type things, and the dollar store. Alright, alright, not the most environmentally sound idea, but Cameron’s sand bucket got cracked, and his shovel is lost. So I bought a new set, plus some bubbles and a small ball I know he’ll get a lot of use out of.

So armed, I headed to get my little love. Who burst into tears at the word “beach,” and wailed that he wanted to go to a park. A park Mommy, not a beach! No nononono no not the beach! You’d think I’d suggested visiting a place they pull toenails out of little boys. Turns out he’d spent hours upon hours at a beach already today with no nap. One very tired little boy.

I’ll often relent and do something fun despite exhaustion, but on this occasion all indications were that this would be pure insanity. So, with my arms full of teary and snotty little boy and my ears full of his sobs, we got on the bus home. He fell asleep on my lap, pout melting into relaxation briefly, then reappearing as somewhere in his sleepy subconscious he remembered that he was upset.

We’ll do some sort of Ocean Day on the weekend. Phil has suggested that if they go camping this weekend it would be fun if we joined them, but we may have to pass on that this time. My camping gear was loaned out at the beginning of May and hasn’t reappeared. So we’ll maybe do the members-only morning at the aquarium, and find a beach or something for a picnic.

And now, despite it not even being ten o’clock yet, I’m headed to bed. I’m exhausted.


One response to “Our Ocean Day Postponed

  1. This made me smile – how often we want to please our children with something special while they have very different opinions of what will be pleasing to them at the moment. Come to think of it, this happens to well-meaning adults too 🙂

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