Adventure Addition

How on earth could I have forgotten?

Vancouver City Council approved several Car Free Sundays this summer! This Sunday, tomorrow, is one of them. Pack up your sense of fun and adventure, and a picnic maybe, and head to any of the Car Free locations. Please, though, go there in the spirit of the day. As in … don’t drive there!

What’s a Car Free day? Several major streets and neighbourhoods are being closed to traffic, and a festival hits the street instead!

Main Street, Commercial Drive, the West End, and Kits are all celebrating with their own characteristic style. Depending on the location, there’ll be live music, roller disco, arts and crafts, graffitti wall, spoken word tent (I don’t know what that is but intend on finding out), and dance classes. In Kits there will at least twenty block parties, each doing their own thing!

Go on. Find out what all the fuss is about! Don’t live in Vancouver? Why not approach your own city council, or even just the neighbours on your block, and start the fun in your city?


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