The Grown-Up Ride and My Big Boy

There’s just something magical about that moment when your kid surprises the life out of you, and shows far more courage and adventure than you imagined he would.

I had another fun-packed day planned. I figured we’d head to Point Grey for their Summer Fiesta. I counted on Cameron really not being thrilled about the rides, maybe toodling about on a kiddie ride once or twice, and then we’d head for the Greek Day fest instead.

Boy, did I ever underestimate my kid.

Until recently, Cameron’s needed a little bit of time to get accustomed to loud, bright, exciting, or strange new things. If it doesn’t fit into his world, he needs an adjustment period. Push him, and he’ll dig in his heels – hard!

This is what I expected. I anticipated that Trimble Park would have been transformed into a noisy, bright, flashy place with spinning rides and blaring music. I wasn’t wrong. I anticipated that Cameron would see the Ferris Wheel, and the other spinning, whirling, busy adult rides and be in my arms in a heartbeat. I was wrong.
He saw the Ferris Wheel and went, “Oh, MOMMY! Can we go on THAT?” Now, there was a little quiver in his voice that was more than just excitement; he was nervous. He did decide to try a couple of kiddie rides first. I’d love to say that I planned the first two carefully, but it was all chance. I placed Cameron in a train car with three siblings, at their father’s suggestion. One boy was younger than Cameron, two girls were older. Hoo-boy, his first ride, and I wasn’t going in it with him! I was sure they’d have to stop the ride to get him off. Nope. The other kids laughed and waved at their Daddy, and Cameron gleefully joined in, calling to me each time he zoomed past, waving madly. Then next came a IMG_0981round-and-round thing, one where each flying car/rocket/spaceship/elephant could lift high into the air. He rode with the older two girls, as their brother chickened out. Cameron was fine as they started to go around, and his eyes flashed wide as they lifted. Not with fear. Nope. HUGE excitement. MOMMY-MOMMY-MOMMY-I’M-FLYING excitement. Carefree wind in his hair throw back his head and laugh excitement.

While we waited in line for the Ferris Wheel Cameron danced, a bundle of energy. He was full of questions about the other rides. We watched the people ahead of us get on. I figured I’d stand back and let him choose, give him an out if he wanted to, make sure that the drive to get on the thing came from him.

I needn’t have worried.

IMG_0993Our turn came up and Cameron RAN to the chair and scrambled in. I had to quickly recover from surprise and hop-to to catch up. He just sat there, grinning, as the man clicked in the safety belt and lap bars.  I made sure my hands were free, the bag was strapped in, and I was prepared to handle a kid trying to crawl into my lap at the top of the wheel.

Again, totally unnecessary.

IMG_0996Cameron was visibly nervous, and quiet, but wide-eyed and taking it all in as we slowly went up, up, up. Was he frightened at being so high up? Nope. He leaned forward to peer down and take it all in, with confidence, “We’re high up,” he said in his deep silly-voice. Soon the chatter began. He saw cars. What was that black spinning ride? Could he go on it? Where was our house? Look at all the boats in the bay! Look Mommy, I see people! He’s running! There’s the train! And the bouncy castle! Round and round and round we went.

That night we snuggled close in the comfy chair after stories. “Mommy, next time? Next time I wanna go on the bumper cars. And the black spinny thing. And the dragon coaster. And the fastfastfast spinning one that went fast!”  I told him quietly how proud I was of him, that he went on the grown-up Ferris wheel. “And I wasn’t even scared,” he said, solemnly, but with a little glint of pride in his own eyes.


2 responses to “The Grown-Up Ride and My Big Boy

  1. I had a similar experience in Gilroy Gardens. My cautious girl was wildly excited about Ferris Wheel and other rides. The only thing that frightened her was train. Go figure.

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