Season to Taste

The weekend isn’t far away. Only a matter of hours! So, what are you going to do? Are you stuck in a routine, not sure how to break out of it?

The answer is to just simply change things.

Sometimes adventure is nothing more than just mixing things up, doing something out of the ordinary. I often post ideas for Big Trips, things that are more activities than adventures. The adventure part is up to you. I’m giving recipes, it’s up to you to season to taste.

  • Go to a park you don’t often visit, and blow bubbles. Watch where the wind blows them – and follow! No more bubbles in the air? Blow more! Three times (or any other arbitrary number), and turn over the nearest rock, look behind a tree, look in the branches of a tree, and see what you find.
  • Take a different route home from the grocery store, or try taking the bus there instead of driving. Seriously! Cameron and I shop on foot or on the bus all the time. It’s not hard.
  • Stop at that playground you’ve never been to on your way home.
  • Find a book about nature walks in your area, and open it to a random page. Ta-dah! Go there!
  • See if there’s a map of local farms to do a tour of (that’s on our list of maybes for this weekend!)
  • Give yourself a reasonable budget. Go somewhere fun, like Granville Island. See a sign of something fun to do? Do it. Kayak. Take a boat ride somewhere on a water taxi. Are there pedal cabs in your area? Or maybe a caleche? (apparently that’s a Canadian word. Horse-drawn carriage ride)
  • Wherever you happen to be, follow your child (if you have one – or else, your inner child). They’re naturals at this. Last weekend Cameron found a wooden plank sign, and ducked under the chains. We played in there for a good twenty minutes. Sure, it was a busy intersection, with dozens of people walking past. Sure, they stared. But most of them smiled. We laughed ourselves silly.

IMG_1030The idea here isn’t just where you go, it’s what you do when you’re there. Watch the wonder and excitement in a child’s eyes as they see something for the first time, or see something they’d heard of. Watch their imaginations at work as they play with a new toy. Watch them experiment with water toys, flour, grass, climbing, trees, shadows, a water fountain. And learn from what they do. Imitate it. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have!


4 responses to “Season to Taste

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  2. I loved this post! It’s so hard to put those ideas into words, but you did it very well. It’s the best feeling not to plan anything and let the day plan itself. I call these my no “no” days with the kids. We do it often.

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