Weekend Adventure: Getting There


Oh yes, this is what it looks like. TRAINS!


Lots of trains! And we got on one of them. The West Coast Express runs a commuter route in and out of the city. Perfect for us, heading up the valley for the weekend.


We saw engines.


And more engines.


Lots of water, mountains, and bridges.


Cameron kept a close watch out for other trains, fighting to keep his eyes open despite being worn out after a day of playing outside.


The Getting-There adventure ended with an evening of music in the park, with a picnic of home made pizza.


(I need to step carefully in the living room, as Cameron has set up the West Coast Express in a loop on the floor and won’t let me remove it!)


2 responses to “Weekend Adventure: Getting There

  1. Great photos Melanie, and yes – Cameron looks like he can hardly keep his eyes open! Thanks for posting . . . need you in a photo too. Mom/Granna

  2. It sounds like a fun weekend. We went on a steam engine a week ago – Anna was scared at first, but then enjoyed her first big train adventure.

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