Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

IMG_1284I’m exhausted. It’s been quite a day! For some reason, Cameron and Lolo are behaving like siblings, which means that there is much fighting, taunting, teasing, crying, and whining going on. We also made a poor choice in heading to Granville Island for the day’s festivities. There were far too many people there for us to relax in the slightest bit. I found myself stressed and rather frantic through most of the day. Next year? A party in the back yard.

However, I need to focus on something: the day was not awful – far from it! Yes, there was much yelling. Lots of counting off. Lots of crying. But there were fantastic times that did make the day great. Those are what I need to focus on tonight before I go to bed.IMG_1276

  • The laughter and bright blueness of Cameron’s eyes as he watched the lion dancers in the parade. Cameron dancing under a blue sky and a canopy of a giant Canada Flag. Cameron’s glee at getting to play in the water park, where he got to play with the blue water canons we’d had dry runs with, and where he wanted to go down a water slide on his own (still too little).
  • All the red and white in the crowds today, the relaxed and easygoing happiness in most of the crowd, the fresh and cool breeze, the warmth of the sun.
  • Summery scents in the air – flowers, sea, barbeques.
  • Painting faces. The line to get the kids’ faces painted was literally HOURS long. We tried for a bit and gave up. Cameron was quite upset about this, and remembered as we were talking about going, insisting that he wanted his face painted. He’d been looking forward to this since yesterday. Solution? We bought face paints at the Children’s Market and did’em ourselves. Professional look? Nope. But two happy kids.
  • Rubbing noses with Cameron on the bus on the way home, a loving gesture he initiated. I knew my nose would be blackened from the paint on his. I didn’t wipe it off, even when Carly pointed it out. Nope. A little badge of love.
  • A reminder from “the universe” that there’s a course I had considered taking while I was pregnant. I didn’t take it – couldn’t justify the expense. I still can’t afford it … yet. But I’ve been reminded that it’s out there, and quite probably very worthwhile, sooner rather than later.
  • Fabulous news! A friend and her husband have been trying for a long time to adopt a baby. They want a local baby, one who needs a special home, and they have personal reasons for this choice. They’ve been through hell and back on their first attempt, where a nearly sure thing turned out to be heartbreaking. Now? Out of the blue they have a baby boy! Congratulations Lisa, Wiley, A.C. and new baby boy! I’m dancing with excitement for you!IMG_1294
  • Cuddling with Cameron in his bed, talking about the day. I apologized for yelling when he wasn’t doing anything wrong – there are times when a three year old just can NOT keep still, and I do know this. We chatted about the lions dancing and how they had shoes on their feet. We kissed and hugged, I sang to him, and he fell asleep nestled in close, content.
  • Sitting in my quiet and dark livingroom, watching the sky. Brilliant gold blushed to gentle pink, then deepened to a brilliant cherry red. The mountain peaks I can see from my living room are no longer obvious, hidden in the dusk.
  • It’s dark now, and the night is filled with booms, crackles, pops, and fzzzs from the fireworks downtown. I can just barely see the flashes of light from the highest ones.
  • Nearly bedtime for me. And I’ll refrain from reading until 2am again tonight. I have mixed feelings about A Thousand Splendid Suns so far, but it definitely held my attention last night.

IMG_1279(I’m just too wiped out to face my finances tonight. I know the situation was NOT an improvement this week, as I splurged on far too much. Which is very much not good, as I know that due to a HR communication glitch I’ll not get my full paycheque this week! I’ll do a finances post again soon, though)


One response to “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Happy Canada Day! I love reading about your daily adventures. Never a ‘dull’ day. 🙂 That blackened nose was cute. It reminded me of the Sex & The City movie (the foam). 🙂 Congratulations to your friends — finally a blessing of a baby.

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