Getting There: by floatplane!

We see them flying overhead when we’re in the back yard, a steady stream of them. Cameron usually announces at least one, with an excited, “Look Mama! A floating airplane!” He extends the vowel sound in float just long enough to convey mystery, magic, and awe.

Bill discovered last Fall that there’s a floatplane harbour-to-harbour service from Comox (where my Nana lives) to Vancouver’s downtown. We jumped at the chance! The experience was a little much for Cameron at the time, as it’s very noisy, and was just overwhelming. We kept talking about doing it again, prompting him to pipe up with, “I was scared, but now I won’t be!” But we kept getting rides up there instead, and so didn’t have the chance for a repeat!

IMG_1355Until this weekend.

Cameron was just about vibrating, he was so excited. I wasn’t much less than that – not only because the outbound flight traffic heading up-island goes over the Lions’ Gate Bridge (something I’ve dreamed about for years and years), but also for the opportunity to see Cameron make another huge leap of bravery.

IMG_1371To help that leap along, I made sure that Bunny was available to help. “Bunny remembers how loud it was last time, Cameron. He might be a little scared. Can you be brave for him, and remind him that it’s okay, show him that there’s nothing to be scared of?” Ta-dah! Worked like magic.

Yup, it was loud. It was bumpy on the take off, when the prop started going full-tilt. Cameron looked apprehensive and uncertain, but wasn’t even close to howling like last time.  Instead, it was tinted with excitement and wonder. It took surprisingly little time until we were in the air – and yes, headed for Lions’ Gate!

The view was spectacular. There’s no other word for it. Low tide, sunshiny day, and hey, the Sunshine Coast is gorgeous as are the islands between the mainland and Vancouver Island. Rugged cliffs plunged into water clear enough (amazingly, given where we are) to see rocks and crevasses below. I kept my eyes peeled for whales, but no luck.


When boredom edged in I brought out the grape suckers I’d tucked away in my purse. Not a problem any more!

IMG_1383And Bunny? Oh, well, Cameron took over the story line there. Bunny was scared after a bit, and Cameron scooped him out of the seatbelt we’d tightened up for wee bunny’s body, for a good reassuring snugga. It was too loud for me to hear even the verbalized half of the conversation, but it was clear from body language that Cameron was reassuring his stuffie-love. A moment later, Bunny was peering out the window – up at the mountains, down at the water.

In all, a magical way to spend the afternoon. The best part for me wasn’t watching Cameron at takeoff, or flying over the bridge, or seeing Cameron show Bunny the sights. It was the moment that the roar of the engine was quieted. Right at that moment Cameron, who had gotten accustomed to shouting to be heard, yelled at the top of his lungs, “I LOVE YOU MOMMY! OH I LOVE YOU!”

IMG_1437 IMG_1450


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