Rainy Day Quiet and Happy

If you read here much you know that I’m determined to get Cameron outside and playing every day, rain or shine. I do my best to give him at the very least one adventure a week.

But there are some days when it’s just good to lay low a little. Some days where that feels right. Some days where you don’t need an adventure to be happy.

I might grouse about some aspects of Cameron’s daycare (lately that he’s picking up some undesirable behaviours that I see in a certain older boy) but it does have a few very good points. One of those is that the kids are outside playing most of the day, rain or shine. So when I picked up Cameron I knew he’d spent a good chunk of the day outdoors already. It wouldn’t kill him if I wanted to hide from the rain today.

I needed to hide. Yet another cold virus is cosy and happy in our home. I’m exhausted. So I need to do a happiness post.

We had a lovely, warm, quiet evening. Just the two of us. In our home. There were lots of snuggles, and lots of “I love you.”  Cameron and I have a game, a routine, that makes him giggle every time. After he says, “I love you too,” I answer that I love him three. He’ll say he loves me four. I’ll do five. He jumps then to either eleven (his favourite number) or sixteen (mine).

Spinach pizza for supper, with big glasses of milk. Yeah, my kid’ll eat spinach! He also chose salmon over chicken for supper tomorrow night, and it was clearly a difficult decision. He helped me pick out zucchini and nectarines.

Cameron had a visitor at supper tonight. Nimoo, reacting I’m sure to being told she may not sit on MY lap at supper, leapt onto his lap. His normal reaction is to push her off. Her normal reaction is a cranky hiss, a “Well fine I didn’t really want up there anyway.” Not tonight. Tonight Cameron snuggled her between pizza bites, and she just sat there, leaning against him, purring.

I’ve booked tickets for us to visit my parents (all of them). I don’t know why I took so long doing it, but it’s done now. Yay!

IMG_1584Pictures from the weekend. Cameron’s orange Crock knockoffs that he’s using for rocky beaches.

The rain hissing through the trees outside.

The quiet ticking of the clock in the living room.

Cameron’s sleeping eyes.

My bed.


One response to “Rainy Day Quiet and Happy

  1. mmmmmm…..peaceful and lovin’

    i had a similar night when i brought lolo home from her dada’s (unexpected!)

    snuggly cameron = awesome.

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