Further Adventures of my Bank Card

Ah, it’s Wednesday again. Recall that little thing I was doing? I missed it last week. It needs a catchy name, a handle, something to go by. Wonderful Wednesday it’s not. Not quite Weeping Wednesday. Windy Wednesday, for the wind whooshing through my empty bank account? OOOO, how about Whooshing Wednesday, for the sound of money whooshing out of my bank account?

Yup, I’d decided that Wednesdays were the days I would sit down and look at what my spending has been like. I’d been dreading today. Two weeks’ worth of reckoning. How bad was it going to be?

Now, I do need to say something straight-up. I’m so not counting the credit card purchases I made in the last week – I put the flight to Comox on there, and I’ve booked our trip back East on there – as those expenses are being covered by two wonderful sets of parents.

Okay. So, how bad was it?

It wasn’t.

Major areas of concern:

Coffee: On week 2 it was ZERO. Yeah, that’s right, ZERO. In other words, I was using a coffee card that I’d loaded up the week before. Okay, so in week 3 it went up to roughly my average from the previous month. But still, overall I’m working at roughly a fifty percent reduction in spending.

Groceries: Week 2 saw them a little higher than last month’s average, which was a little frustrating. Still, I bought more than we ate. I bought expensive stuff. Twit. Week 3 was far less than that average, but I need to remember that both weekends we weren’t at home. Yesterday (still week 3) I did an expensive grocery shop, buying chicken and fish for several meals (chicken is cooked and half eaten, three or more meals of fresh sockeye salmon are in the freezer). It kinda balances out to be a mild yay me.

Eating out: Here’s where I can dance a little. I cut back bigtime, spending less than fifty percent of my last month’s average both weeks.

Cash: Wow. I took no cash out at all, either week.

Alcohol: In Week 2 my booze expenses were stunningly high. Why? Well, that little visit to a yummy berry winery did me in. The good news is that if I’m disciplined, that’s it for weeks. And I was for Week 3; alcohol expense was ZERO.

Overall spending was definitely reduced in both weeks. Even with the extra bottles of wine clinking around in there, Week 2 was somewhat reduced compared with the average. Week 3 was getting closer to a fifty percent reduction!

Other areas? That wasted signal going to my television? I’ve dragged my feet on it. The weekend spent with Carly reminded me that I have music channels, and I figured I’d see if I used them. The answer is a big old no. Time to cut the cable and save a bundle. I’m not sure about switching to Telus, just because of the hassle. But if they do give me a big price break, it might be worth it.

Got through all of that? Great! I’m seeing, gradually, how a few simple changes in behaviour can cut down on the outward flow of money. The real ‘test’ will come once the full month has finished, on the 18th. I’m certain that I’m at the very least looking at not being in the red for the month, unless my spending goes all to hell. Come back next Whooshing Wednesday to see what adventures my bank card has had? A boring week, stuck in my wallet and unable to romance those debit machines? Or will it find sweet love, saying hi to all the cashiers?


3 responses to “Further Adventures of my Bank Card

  1. I’m trying to keep track of our money, too. I’m finding that food is where we are spending an atrocious amount as well. Chicken, pork and ground beef are cheap. Tenderloin is not. I’m learning!!!

  2. I think you’re making great progress! I look at our budget every once in awhile, say, “yep, we really need to cut back,” and then go shopping with my girlfriends!

  3. Nice work! I’m trying to cut back on extras too. Just not going shopping helps. Today while Daniel was at french class (we’ve just started the Big Boy class, which is a dropoff), all the other moms disappeared. I sat in the waiting room to knit. When they came back at the end of the 90 minutes, they all had a latte cup in one hand and a shopping bag in the other. I had a couple inches of a sock knit up 🙂
    Really, just not being in stores is a big thing – those impulse purchases add up!

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