Look Out for Flying Sponges!

Adventure can be trekking through the forest, following a map with a compass, not really sure how far it is until you camp. Will you make it there before dark? It can be cooking a new meal for friends and discovering that maybe more wine should’ve gone in the dish instead of in you, or that you’re missing key ingredients. It can be simply going out and doing something you haven’t done in a long time – be silly and play! Adventure isn’t necessarily doing what you set out to do – it’s what happens despite your plans! It’s all about attitude, don’t you think?

So I’m again going to send ideas out there for the Universe to mess with. Try them! See what adventures you can cook up! Just remember, wear sunscreen and a hat. Sunburn isn’t what I would call a fun adventure.

  • Great news! Recall that I posted about the Alice in Wonderland festival? Well, was I ever mistaken. It wasn’t last week. Uh. Sorry to anyone who donned rabbit ears and tail, a top hat and tails for tea, or arrived at Trout Lake with lawn flamingos and a deck of cards. That must have been quite the adventure.  It’s this weekend. Check out their website. If you don’t live in Vancouver, consider getting together with friends and holding your own Alice in Wonderland festival!
  • It’s summer and looking like the weekend will be hot. Break out the ice cream and the cones! Or maybe make popsicles – all you need are Dixie cups, sticks, and fruit juice. I saw a great suggestion to use watermelon puree. Think frozen fruit kabobs?  Got a bunch? Great. Now, get outside and enjoy them while you explore.
  • Water beats the heat! Water balloons are fun, but a little wasteful. Try placing a couple of buckets of water out in the back yard or park, and have a set of three or four sponges each. Have a water fight! Bring out the water guns. You can use them later to clean up ice cream. How long has it been since you ran through a sprinkler?
  • Do you have a kiddie pool? Make boats and have a race! Here’s one way – you’ll need a walnut shell, playdough (home made, let’s be green), a toothpick, a small square of construction paper. Use the playdough in the bottom of the shell to anchor the toothpick mast, and mount the sail by poking holes in the construction paper. That’s just one suggestion. Surely you clever people can come up with others? Set’em up … and blow!
  • Tired of your evening routine? Mix it up a bit. Head for a park for an event in the evening. Music in the park, a quiet walk after most kids have headed to bed, a twilight screening of a movie. So what if the kids are up past their bedtime? They’ll cope. C’mon, don’t you have great memories of being allowed to stay up late, and going to a drive-in? Pack nibblies for the kids, and hey, discreet wine and cheese for the grown-ups, be decadent. Do remember that when the sun sets the bugs might come out, and the temperature will drop, so plan accordingly. Some adventures aren’t so fun.

Other places for good information? I get my inspiration (and downright copy sometimes) from Babyvibe and Kidsvancouver. Kaboom has a great idea – they’ll talk you through setting up a Play Day event! Also, don’t forget to check out the Grass Stain Guru, as Bethe always has good ideas for play time.  Add your ideas to the comments – you’re a great resource too! What will we be doing? I’m not sure about Saturday, other than it looks like I’ll get to go out and have my own solo adventure on Saturday (anyone free?). Sunday we’re hosting a birthday celebration for a special little girl who’s turning three! And you?

(and in the spirit of adventure, here’s a comic from xkcd)


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