Weekend Ending Happinesses

It’s the end of one packed and eventful weekend. I’m exhausted, and feeling a little introspective. In a good way. I kind of want to wrap up the weekend with a happiness post. I’m exhausted, so no pictures today. Maybe I’ll add some tomorrow.

  • Saturday was all about choices. I let Cameron choose where we went, given options. Maritime museum or aquarium? Belugas first or the big fish tank? I gave him some money I had budgeted to spend on him, and let him choose what he wished to buy at the gift shop with some discussion about prices and more-than vs less-than. Train ride or petting zoo? Pick berries here or there?
  • On Saturday evening I had the opportunity to head out for a bit on my own. It was odd, I know, but I chose to stay in. Cameron and Lolo were sound asleep, there was fun decorating to be done, and Carly and I were having an easy, relaxed evening. It felt good to have that choice.
  • Sitting out on the veranda with Carly, sipping wine in the cool night air once the decorating was done.
  • Going through baby pictures of Cameron by accident, as I was looking for one recent one in particular.
  • My kitchen and hallway are filled with blue and white streamers and balloons. If that wouldn’t make you happy, I don’t know what would.
  • Lolo’s birthday morning. Excited kids, presents to open, decorations to gawk at. I made heavenly, thick, stick-to-your-ribs pancakes with blueberries and bananas. There was fresh yogurt and berry sauce to top them. The kids were thrilled – each was presented with a pancake in the shape of their initial.
  • A summer birthday party in the back yard. Yummy food, BLUE cake (again, must make one smile just simply by its colour), happy kids. Lolo’s dad was there, and he painted faces – puppies, a kitten, Ziggy Stardust (Carly, not her choice!), and my face became a purple butterfly.
  • A whole weekend full of spontaneous hugs from Cameron, happiness just oozing from him most of the time. Lots of I-love-yous. Some giggled, some followed by a zrbt, some exuberant, some all-out-shouted, and some whispered in my ear, just for me to hear.
  • Two kids asleep with less than one story each. Cameron dozed off snuggled up against me in his bed, not even halfway through his Curious George story. Then Lolo was having troubles sleeping (her mom hit more car trouble, and they returned for a bit), and she fell asleep on the couch half way through Make Way for Ducklings.

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