That List Again

Remember back in January I made a list? It wasn’t exactly a new year’s resolution, nor was it a list of things I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get done this year. It’s just a reference. Neat stuff I’d like to be able to say I did, by the end of the year. A memory jog that I’m sharing with others. Some of them I’ve since realized were a little optimistic. Some weren’t really challenging at all, and were just there to remind myself to do them. Some of those remain.

As I mentioned before, I think, I didn’t put on there what has become my biggest goal for the year: to give Cameron an exciting year full of adventure, play, activity, and opportunities. Scan back through the days here … I don’t think there’s any doubt about this one.

If you’re curious, here’s the current status of my list. Things I had already completed are in blue. Things I completed since last time I posted about this are in bold. No need to explain what this means I’m sure. Comments and explanations are in italics.

1.    Take an overnight ‘holiday’ on my own. Done! Thanks to Dad, I managed to get a night away at a hotel downtown. Phew! Now, I’m not considering me-time goals done, met, and over. I’ll need nights off here and there far more frequently than I’ve been getting them, and have one fixed date already planned.
2.    Read a book a month. Has to be one I haven’t read before! (6/12) Making headway and staying near target! I’ll do a review post soon, but I’ve added Orphan of Creation by Roger MacBride Allen, and A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I’m counting My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult in the count, as I’m only around 100 pages from being done and I expect to be done tonight!
3.    Go out on a date with a guy I actually like. Yeah. Uh. Still working on that one.
4.    Publish in a magazine
5.    Buy ‘good’ face moisturizer for myself (Hope in a Jar) Betty gave me some as a gift! Much appreciated! But it’s not living up to its promise of “Makeup optional skin”
6.    Teach Cameron that it’s okay for Mommy to go pee with the bathroom door closed … and him on the other side of it! Aaaaand still working on it. Making progress. If he’s busy playing I can get away with it, which is actually progress. He used to have door-closing-sensing ability no matter how engrossed he was.
7.    Go to the dentist
8.    Make it a habit to get to bed before midnight!

9.    Get to the Lake in the summer Tickets booked! We’re going!
10.    Take Cameron camping I’ve run into a challenge. Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it. Missing gear. Details of explanation not adding up and looking suspicious. Good news is that a couple of the women from the Mama Renew group offered to lend me their gear, so we might still get out there soon.
11.    Take Cameron to Joffre Lakes
12.    Take Cameron kayaking It won’t be kayak-camping as I’d hoped, but I’ll get him in  a kayak at the lake for certain.

13.    Get a housecleaning service to do the apartment once.
14.    Get sink drain fixed
15.    Get the carpets cleaned
16.    Get a bookshelf that isn’t falling apart … and one for Cameron too.
17.    Track weather and daily activities/accomplishments on calendar with Cameron for a month

18.    Lose ten pounds
19.    Go to the gym 3x/week for a month (restart at week missed!)
20.    Do 100 pushups straight
21.    Do 100 situps straight
22.    Run 10K
23.    Sell bike trailer and get bike seat for Cameron

24.    Sell backpack carriers
25.    Sell stroller
26.    Track finances for a month Done – almost two months now. I did one month in review, then weekly-ish reports.
27.    Start a savings account
28.    Start a RESP/education savings for Cameron
29.    Get Cameron a social insurance number – DONE!
30.    Spend a month focusing on reducing my grocery bill – coupons, sales, use what I buy

31.    Get passports!
32.    MAIL six birthday cards
33.    Call Nana 1x/week for 1 month to start the habit (restart at 0 each missed week)
34.    Make an informed vote in Provincial election Done!
35.    Start Christmas shopping by  August
36.    Send out ten Christmas cards
37.    Finish Christmas shopping by December 15th
38.    MAIL Fathers day cards Oops.
39.    MAIL Mothers day cards Sigh. What is it with me and cards?
40.    Keep clothes off my bedroom floor for two weeks
41.    Leave kitchen sink empty (ie all dishes cleaned) every night for one month
42.    Go through storage closet and pitch as much as I can
43.    Donate blood (surely they have blood drives at work. I work in a hospital for crying out loud)
44.    Install fire escape ladder from either Cameron’s bedroom or living room window

45.    Plant a garden with Cameron  Well, the herb garden flopped. They aren’t very well adapted to the attentions of an enthusiastic three year old. Only one oregano and two basil plants survived being flooded with steaming hot tap water. Survived as in they’re still green, but they’re sure not growing at all.  The avocado split but didn’t sprout. However, we have successfully sprouted an orange seed. It has four leaves, so it’s already ahead of the basil and oregano. We also have two tomato plants on the fire escape. Cameron helps me help water the gardens in the back yard … with cold water.
46.    No using the clothes drier for one month in the summer
47.    Revisit the garbage reduction month challenge

48.    Spiff up my office, make it MINE There’s still a plant in there. I haven’t killed it yet.
49.    Take industrial first aid course
50.    Learn ten more words/phrases in Mandarin.  Adding to the list slowly. I can tell someone that what they are asking for is in the fridge! Uh. Kind of. I forget most of it and just answer essentially, “Fridge!” And I now know how to say please … I thought I already did, but then realized I didn’t. Now, I should note that it was pointed out to me that it’s been a long time since I asked to learn something. Then they taught me how to say that I don’t understand Mandarin … which I think I could still remember how to say.

51.    Update my resume in December (it’s just a sensible thing to do, not starting a job search)

52.    Do a month in photos (take a picture of something every day)
53.    Knit or crochet something. Even just a washcloth.
54.    Make Christmas ornaments with Cameron – will be an annual tradition
55.    Pay it forward – I need to make three home made gift items!
56.    Try twenty new recipes (3/20) I am certain that I’ve added to this. Can I remember, though? So … yeah. There’s something I can do!
57.    MAKE a soft/padded/upholstered bench thing … I know what I mean, even if others don’t.

Extra:  Pay my taxes early. DONE!


4 responses to “That List Again

  1. I like how you keep yourself accountable. #6 made me giggle – maybe you’ll get it accomplished before he is in high school.

  2. #43 – i’m sure there’s a blood donation clinic across the street in the village~~~
    #50 – “wo bu dong guo yu”

    =D add oil!

  3. Uh … waitasec Jade, is that how to say, “I don’t understand mandarin,” or “I don’t understand Guo Yu”? (those who don’t know, Guo Yu is someone I work with) Are you just trying to get revenge for my crackbaby pregnancy teasing?

    And I thought that was just an office in the village, not an actual donation place? Cool. That’s what I’m telling myself – cool. And trying to NOT remember that last time I gave blood I was floored for days.

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