Hey, at least it’s not another cough

I’m exhausted, so you’ll just have to cope with another happiness post. Cameron’s not feeling so hot, and this made for a difficult evening as he tried to settle down to sleep. Apparently the discomfort of a UTI is easy enough for a kid to ignore when they’re running around playing and having fun, but not so easy when they’re trying to fall asleep.

In retrospect I knew about this on Saturday, or at least I suspected it. Briefly. The aquarium has a kid-sized toilet in their kids’ play area, and Cameron was thrilled to use it. Two minutes later as we’re headed back to the main area he squirmed, grabbed himself, and said he had to go pee. Again. I hurried him to the closest washroom … one that just has adult sized toilets. He flipped, desperate to go pee, yet wanting the little toilet. So I wrote it off as just being happy to find a Cameron-sized toilet, just as we’re not allowed to use adult sized carts at the grocery store where he knows they have Cameron sized ones. When he’d finally used an adult-sized one (I was NOT about to haul a needing-to-pee kid through the crowds and wait for the right toilet), he seemed okay. Two minutes later his hand was back, grabbing himself, and he said he hurt. He said he had to go pee … and I thought, if he were a girl I’d think uh-oh, UTI … but when I turned back to the grown-up washroom, he changed his mind.

Sunday, nothing. Monday, nothing, but he was more tired and subdued than usual.

Today at daycare he apparently had a couple of accidents, complained that he hurt, and constantly had to go pee. So off to the doctor we went.

Now, when I get a UTI I’m feverish, want to scream when I pee, throw up … it’s all very dramatic. So here’s hoping that my little guy’s UTI isn’t that bad, as he has no fever, and just seems restless and uncomfortable. He’s got antibiotics, and the doctor indicated that they should clear it up in a day. I don’t quite understand how I’m supposed to give him doses 12 hours apart with no food an hour before or for two hours after. That would involve far more hours in a day than he has in him.

He’s asleep, finally.

Right. I did say happinesses, didn’t I?

One kiss. One of many, but this one stands out. One arm tight around my neck, the other on my cheek. He just leaned against me a bit with a long kiss on my other cheek, then whispered, “I love you Mommy.”

That’s enough happy to get me through the night.

Oh, and this.



One response to “Hey, at least it’s not another cough

  1. Yikes – sorry about UTI. As women, we know just how terribly uncomfortable they can be. I hope that antibiotics will kick in soon!

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