Wednesday Again!

And here we are at Wednesday. At least, I think it’s Wednesday. Isn’t it? That must mean it’s time for another one of my accountability posts, you know, the one where I share with friends and total strangers how my bank account is doing. The theory here is that I know I’ll be honest, and I’ll be really embarrassed at the end of the month if I have to report that I made no budgeting or saving headway.

Did my bank card romance those swishy-machines? Woo the ATMs? Or did it hide out in my wallet, shut off from the world … okay, enough of that.

Yeah, I kinda sucked this week. But sucking in a relative kind of way. I wasn’t quite up to my pre-budget spending.

Groceries were nice and low, eating out was lower than that first month’s average … but higher than the last two weeks. I know why, too. Lunch. I’ve gone back to my old ways.

The big culprit though was my catch-all category, ‘etc’. Cameron’s antibiotics (still fighting with extended medical, but should get that back), a basket to put stuff in, Cameron’s new suitcase (hey, he needed one, and it was on sale for $24), some food (juice and yummy treat stuff the day I stayed home, frozen pizza not bought at the grocery store), face goop, shampoo, that sort of thing.

Even with that slip-up (called such as there were certainly things I bought that I did not need), I still was under my weekly average from that first month. I just wasn’t as under as I had gotten myself.

So no beating myself up here.

Other things?

  • Still haven’t canceled cable. I just have a gut reaction against doing that. Odd.
  • Mom pointed out to me that my airline ticket purchases are being charged interest from point of purchase since I’m carrying a balance. Whups.
  • My phone is flakey and needs replacing. Only  I’m trying to decide, is it the phone or just the battery? I could save myself money … or I could buy just the battery and find out that it’s the cheap phone I bought, thereby wasting the money on the battery. Still, I have to do something. I accidentally hung up on someone I wanted to talk to tonight, as without even one beep of warning the phone went dead.

And now what? Well, it hasn’t yet been a month. That whole thirty days is longer than four weeks thing. The 18th marks the one month of paying attention to my spending and trying easy reductions, so I’ll do a summary then and figure out what comes next. Do I go ultra-frugal? And how ultra is ultra?


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