Finding Adventure: Look Everywhere Under the Sun and Moon

When you’re a kid, adventure can lurk around just about any corner if you’re in the right frame of mind. Playful. Curious. A little bit brave.

Waitasec. Why only if you’re a kid?

If you’re new to the concept or perhaps just accustomed to being the mom (or dad) who sits on the bench and sips coffee while the kids play, just give it a little try. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass, or hop over shadows, run across the field, roll down the hill. Join the kids on the monkey bars, hopscotch, or skipping rope. If these aren’t things you do on an average day, you could call this adventure and you wouldn’t be wrong. Just do it, and have some fun!

Basically, the idea is to get out there and have fun, and take opportunities. Rain changes your plans? Don’t get into a slump about it, just treat it as an opportunity. To jump in puddles, dance in the rain, play anyways, or stay inside and bake muffins to eat while putting on a puppet show.

As usual, I’ve a few ideas to get you out there. At the very least you’ll be active and have some fun. Who knows what might happen? Go with it. See what adventures you can have!

(Of course, pack sunscreen, hats, water and snacks at the very least)

  • Get on your bikes this weekend! Hitch on the trailer if you have wee ones, or the seat in the back. I’m loving the look of the kid-bike trailer attachment for the older kids. If you live in Vancouver or the surrounding area you’re really quite lucky, as we have a complex network of bike routes and paths to enjoy. Beat the heat and stick to the broad trails in the Endowment lands, or brave the heat and crowds around Seawall. Or pack up the bikes and the kids and head for White Rock, where they are having their 30th annual Tour de White Rock bike festival. It’s not just about the race – they have events planned to include everyone. Have a picnic lunch on the beach, and maybe cool off with a swim.
  • Festivals are often a good place to start for adventures. Music, street performers, cultural – festivals come in all shapes and sizes. Summer time in Vancouver means several festivals on each weekend, so chances are good that something will catch your interest. In Vancouver and the surrounding area there’s lots to choose from – starting with the obvious one, the Folk Music Festival.  But don’t stop there if it’s not up your alley – have a look around and see what you can find.
  • The forecast for Vancouver looks promising – sun, sun, sun! Or rather, moon, moon, moon. Did you know that this is International Year of Astronomy? Have a late afternoon nap, and plan to scoot out of the city (if you live in one) and away from the bright lights in the late evening. You can find star charts online for just about anywhere, so don’t forget those! Bring a blanket, perhaps a thermos of hot chocolate, and bug repellant too. No telescope? No problem, you can still appreciate the moon and the constellations. Even a good pair of binoculars will help bring the moon a little closer.
  • This Saturday is Canada Parks Day. Do you know how many National Parks we have? There are even more provincial ones, and regional ones. Many across the country have special activities planned, but you don’t need to do those. Just pick a park you haven’t visited, or a corner of one you’ve not yet explored, and go there. Pack accordingly if you plan to hike, of course.

And us? We have a quiet weekend planned, you could say. At least, we don’t have big plans yet, but I’m working on one that involves water! We might check out the folk festival, even if we just hang out on the beach nearby. We might just see what is going on in our area for Sunday, and stay close to home. Mostly I’m looking forward to a weekend of being with Cameron, working on my yessing, finding fun and adventure together.

Where do you hope to find your adventure this weekend?


One response to “Finding Adventure: Look Everywhere Under the Sun and Moon

  1. We’re planning an adult adventure – for the first time ever, we’re getting a sitter this Saturday night and going out for dinner. I hope we all survive 🙂

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