Really the Best Thing

Do you know what’s really the best thing?
No, Cameron, tell me!

Cameron and I invented a new game on the way to daycare.  We took turns asking the other, and supplying answers with random snippets of wonderful.

Eating popcorn. Holding your hand. Two floating airplanes in the sky. Ants marching along a crack in the sidewalk. Elephants eating cotton candy. Maple leaves. Running like the wind. Zrbts! Popsicles. Kisses. Jumping high on the trampoline.

I dropped him off at daycare, and got an extra big hug and kiss before I had to go.

At some point at daycare his day took a turn for the worse. I’m not sure what happened, but it sounds as though he and the other older boy had a spat. There’s just something about being peed on by another kid that ruins the whole day. Did that actually happen? All I know is that Cameron reeked of urine, and that’s what he said happened. Now, Cameron does still have accidents, but he’s never yet blamed another kid for them.

So the trip home was a little teary and snuggly.

Then the apartment was an oven.

Cameron’s eyes lit up, and the sadness of his troubles at daycare melted away as I held up his swimming trunks. We headed for the community pool, just a few blocks away.

The sun was still high and baking, and while the pool is usually calmer around supper time, tonight was an exception. It was packed. Still, Cameron is one determined little guy. He wants, desperately, to jump off a diving board. But I’m not allowed to be right there to catch him, so he has to learn to swim first. He’s so determined that, even not knowing how to even put his face in the water without coming up spluttering, he would just let go of me. I hauled him up, held him while he coughed up a lung, and then he proudly (and hoarsely) announced that he can swim so let’s go to the diving boards now. We played. We spun around and around. I held him while he kicked and paddled. I tossed him in the air to come down with a big splash. He climbed up on the pool’s edge to throw himself at me in a trusting leap.

As we walked home Cameron, wrapped in a brilliant red towel and in a cocoon of happiness, initiated the new game.

Do you know what’s really the best thing?
What’s that, Cameron?
Swimming with you, Momma.

Do you know what’s really the best thing, Cameron?
No Mommy, tell me!
Swimming with you.


One response to “Really the Best Thing

  1. What a touching story. I love that you share these.

    You know what’s the best thing I’ve had so far this morning? Reading you.

    Thanks Melanie!

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