101 Things to Do with a Sick Preschooler in a Heat Wave

Alright, so I don’t really have a hundred and one things to do, but it sure was a lot in one day. And the title was originally “101 things to do with a sick preschooler in heat,” but that was just wrong. Yeah, Cameron was home sick today. You’d think I’d clue in when he’s up repeatedly at night for water, that it’s NOT the heat, it’s his tummy brewing up something vile. The nastiness didn’t last all day at least, but this meant I was entertaining an energetic but yet clingy and whiny kid.

Not so bad on a normal day, but in case you didn’t know, we’re having a heat wave here. The apartment is roasting. So the name of the game was not only keep Cameron entertained with me right there the whole time, it was also keep him (and myself) as cool as reasonably achievable.

And I just want to note that Cameron had impeccable timing as always. I had plans to go out tonight and was really looking forward to it. But these things happen. No (little) time to sulk.

Home made playdough
Interesting and fun, but silly me didn’t think about the fact that making the dough meant using the stove. Added some heat to the kitchen. When first play session was done, popped dough into fridge, which made for a nice cool activity later in the day.

Cool bath
This was the pastime of choice for me. Cameron spent a good hour and a half in the tub this afternoon. Best of all, we have a bunch of helium balloons that were treated with something to help them keep buoyant for a long time (Thanks Lolo and Carly!). They’re starting to loose their helium, and are right at the point where if they’re wet, they stay down.  As they dry off, they slowly rise. This made for endless fun for Cameron, as they dried off quickly in the heat.

Get out for fresh air
That’s what I’m calling it. Really, it wasn’t a hunt through all the local stores for another fan. I wouldn’t be so foolish as to think there are any left in the city. Despite Cameron being too old, really, for his stroller I rolled him here and there and everywhere.

A bit of an exercise in frustration. What can you pick up with chopsticks? I gave him lots that he could manage (scrambled egg, watermelon, both with difficulty), and some that he couldn’t. Like ice. The slippery stuff wouldn’t stay put … which meant he spent lots of time handling it and got a little wet. Nice and cool.

Car wash
Really, this had nothing at all to do with the toy cars being in the line of fire when Cameron’s tummy rejected the liquids I’d been doling out to him. Nothing. It was a fun game, let’s wash your cars in sudsy water! See how fun it is?

Cold Movies
Let’s face it, TV is wonderful for sick kids, and their moms too. So I had him watch some cold-themed TV for a bit. Happy Feet, and the Franklin video that starts off with an episode where the kids play hockey. Then a clip on youtube about the hunt for water on mars, and another about proposed exploration on an ice-covered moon of … Jupiter? I can’t recall.

Cool foods
Okay, Cameron flat-out refused food until evening, with one exception. Cold watermelon. Sluuuurp.

Help Mommy Clean
One squirt bottle with a mild vinegar solution, one cleaning cloth. Aim child to dusty baseboards.


2 responses to “101 Things to Do with a Sick Preschooler in a Heat Wave

  1. How’s the little guy feeling today? Hope it passes quickly so you can get out and have fun this weekend!

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