Have an Adventure Despite the Heat

It’s Thursday night (okay, technically it’s now Friday morning) and it’s time to start thinking about the weekend!

So, have I thought about it? What to do, what to recommend, what to suggest? Uh. No. What few braincells this heat didn’t melt early in the week got obliterated by the rigors of caring for a sick preschooler in a heat tsunami yesterday. He’s better, by the way, and went to daycare today.

But I can still write about things to do. Why? Because I cannot recall the last time I sat around wondering what to do on a weekend. Usually it’s more like, “Okay, there’s this, and this, and that. I’d like to do this one, buuuuut this other thing is on the other side of town.” Usually I’m trying to figure out what I can realistically do, and what adventures we may have to forego.

How do I get ideas? Where do I look?

Okay, there’s first the obvious. I have a list of outdoors things to do in my mind. Waterfight. Play tag. Try to teach Cameron to cartwheel or summersault. See how many things he can pretend the hammock is. Go for a hike. A picnic. Okay, where? The possibilities are almost endless – I’m sure even in a festival-free  you-must-stay-home weekend we’d find lots to do. None of this stuff is Vancouver-specific, and it’s very portable.

There are destinations as well, in town and out of town. Head for the beach, the bog (sorry, actually I believe Burns Bog is closed during the current heat wave due to fire risk), the mountains, the river, the forest. Lynn Canyon. Capilano. Queen Elizabeth Park, Burnaby Mountain, the Endowment lands. Fine, fine, most of you don’t live in Vancouver. That’s okay. You know your region – or if you don’t, explore it!

Then there are the events. I can give you ideas based on what is going on here, but here’s the trick. Sign up for email newsletters – there’s one locally called Babyvibe, and most weeks they send out a “what to do” email. Google search your city and kids and activities. Here, there’s Kidsvancouver.com. Have a look in your community newspaper and you’ll see that most have a “what to do” section.

I listen to people on the bus, too. “You’re never gonna believe where we went.” I keep an eye out for ads. Almost any time I mention to someone that I write a blog about kids and adventure (okay, and mommying), they’ve got a suggestion of a fun place to go. Twitter is fabulous – pay attention to the hashtag #playoutdoors, and follow the Grass Stain Guru’s Playoutdoors Mafia.

There’s no reason at all that your weekends have to be full of chores, sit-at-home and veg boring.

So, what about this weekend?

It’s all about beating the heat.

  • Play with ice. Lots of ice. Make popsicles. Get one of those kick-around ice cream makers. Hide stuff in ice and teach the kids about it. Toss it around.
  • Get out of the sun! But not inside, silly. Head for the forests – the Endowment Lands, Seymore Park, Lynn Valley.
  • Have a water fight. Water guns, sponges, buckets, hoses, water balloons, you name it. Get wet.
  • Read in the shade with tall glasses of lemonade. Or bring out anything that could be considered to be a musical instrument, and have a sing-along in the park.
  • Do stuff in the evening, or very early in the morning. The fireworks this weekend should be amazing!
  • Parents, find some way to get outside after the kids are asleep, even if it’s just to sit on the front step. Share some wine, talk about your day. Stargaze. See if you can see the International Space Station up there. Enjoy the trees in the darkness, say hi to your neighbours out for a late evening stroll. Plan the next couple of days together, keeping adventure and play at the top of your list.

What will Cameron and I be getting up to this weekend? We’re beating the heat by getting out of it. Early Saturday morning we head for the airport, and will be heading East for a holiday! Hooooray! This also explains the scatteredness of today’s adventure post – I haven’t been thinking about it, and I’m trying to get my apartment into something resembling a condition where I won’t be emberassed to have friends house sitting.

How about you?

(okay, links tomorrow. Pictures tomorrow. Sorry y’all, but it’s one am!)


2 responses to “Have an Adventure Despite the Heat

  1. We’ve been staying in the backyard and LIVING in Cody’s above ground pool. The heat has been relentless and keeping me from wanting to do stuff. Good for you to push past that! It’s just so… easy to stay put and not fight the crowds in a mad dash for all things water. Last night we had a moonlight swim. It was wonderful!

    I am not good for this adventure blog right now unless you call it an adventure staying in your own back yard. 🙂

    Ok, scrap that last thought. We are use to NOT being home during summer. I’ve pulled my travel trailer home this summer and have rediscovered our backyard. I’ve been adding things to enhance our lives while staying home. That in itself has been a new adventure for us. And I have to say, the more we are home, the more we’re wanting to be home! What’s the new tagword these days… stayscapes? homescapes? Can’t remember. But the premise being, finding escapes at or near home rather than travelling.

    And on that note, have a wonderful trip, Melanie! LOL!! I envy you. I miss my change of scenery.


  2. Moonlight swim! I love it! And you say you’re no good for adventure. For a lot of people that would be an adventure, yes?

    I really feel for you, up the valley. My work is close to the ocean, and we live right in the city close to water, so it’s not as hot as you have it I’m sure.

    I think you’re looking for “Staycation”? But I love “stayscape” too.

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