Cottage Adventures: New Things All Around

Windswept, freezing, lake ice thick enough to walk on, wind whispering secrets through bare tree branches in the forest, crackling fire in the stove. That’s what the cottage has been like our last few visits.

cottageviewSuch a difference a few months makes!

It’s windy, sure, but warm enough that a dip in the sunwarmed lake is refreshing. Those tree branches are filled with leaves that chatter in the wind, and the loons shout out their calls occasionally. It’s been a long time since I was at the cottage in summer. (photo might be mine or might be Betty’s, I’m not certain)

Cameron has thrown himself with delight and shrieks of laughter at every new activity he’s encountered. It’s been a joy to watch him doing new things, having fun, loving and being loved. And it’s wonderful for myself too, to be able to relax a little, and to be wrapped in the love of family.

We’re here for a week, then back to Dad and Janice’s for more love and wonderful times in the city. I’ll keep posting – but for now, here are some snippets and pictures to share.

CandGBAn evening on the dock, sipping wine, eating nibblies (a meal in its own right around here), watching the sun go down with family.

Barbequed dinner on the veranda, looking over the lake, as a thunderstorm brewed in the distance. Lightning flashed closer, thunder clapped, and the wind-driven rain chased us inside.

Cameron saw his first wild frog today, nestled in a rock splashpool by the lake. Gently, he poked at it, curious. After a bit, to the tune of giggles, the green little guy hopped off under the dock to splash into another pool.

KayakCameron’s first kayak trip, snug in my lap, hands on the paddle except when I needed to power us around in the strong wind and waves. When in the lee of the island, or headed downwind, I let go and he had turns paddling, just as he’s dreamed of doing every time we’ve seen kayakers. (photo taken by my Mom)

boatCameron running to the front of the ‘livingroom boat’ (a motor boat on two pontoons, designed for lounging around lakes) as Grandpa Bill starts up the motor, yelling “Fast! Fast! Fast Grandpa Bill Fast!” He grabbed hold of the railings in front, legs wide for balance, laughing into the wind.

Cameron’s excitement as he reported to me that with Granna and Betty he had held and touched a butterfly!

Mamma Loon and her baby letting us get close in the motor boat and in the kayak. The baby is just a little poof of fluff on top, with sleek white adult feathers on ‘his’ tummy. We honestly have no clue about the gender of either ‘mother’ or ‘son’. Hilariously, with the exaggerated motions of a clown  showing off his oversized shoes, little fluff will lift a wide-webbed black foot up and out of the water, over his back.

LocksAn afternoon slowly ambling along the locks of the Rideau Canal, explaining to Cameron how the ‘boat elevators’ work, talking about the history of it, chatting with the Lockmaster. Cameron’s eagerness to walk across the top of the lock gates, despite their height. Yep, that’s us up there.  (photo taken by my Mom)

swimSwimming off the end of the dock yesterday, encouraging Cameron to jump in and join in the fun without clinging. Then today, anchoring the boat in a quiet lake, where the water is cool and deep. Cameron wore a life jacket, and happily paddled around once he got comfortable, with far more ease than I would have expected. It felt good to stretch out in the water, float on my back, splash around. (photo of Betty and Cameron, taken by my Mom)

Writing my blog post in the comfort of the cottage living room, listening to the loons challenging each other on the lake, and the wind rustling through the leaves in the forest.


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