Home Again

We’re back from holiday, back in Vancouver, and getting back into the rhythm of our life. I’ve tweaked that rhythm a little – bedtime had been creeping later and later before we left, so I took advantage of the time change to push that up to a reasonable hour for Cameron.

We had lots of fun, lots of adventure, and lots of relaxed and wonderful family time in Ottawa with my Dad and Janice. I slipped into full holiday mode while there, and didn’t really sit and write at all, even once Cameron was asleep. A little blog holiday on top of my work holiday, perhaps. So my apologies for the lack of updates here. The good news? I’ve tonnes to write about. I think it’ll be a good long while before I’m sitting staring at a blank Word window, wondering what to write about.

Even better, I do feel like I had a much-needed good break. Going back to work is challenging and a little overwhelming – as I’ve been reminded, the pile of work means that I’m valuable to the Centre, and to just take it one task at a time. But even with the stress of taking care of those things, it’s still great to take a few moments and tell friends there about our trip. Boating, swimming, playing in the water park, glimpsing Jupiter through the telescope, exploring Parliament Hill.

Ohwait. Y’all haven’t heard some of those things yet. Be patient – they’re coming.


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