Cooling Down at the Waterpark

Splooosh! The blue trough upended, drenching a cluster of squealing kids with cold water. More kids dashed to join in as water continued to dump from above. All around, geysers erupted randomly, a ring of fat ‘rain’ drops swirled down, frog statues spat streams of water, and sprinklers aimed at the concrete running area instead of at the plants behind them.

Over the course of three trips to the water park, I got to watch Cameron shed his fear and throw caution into the wind. Or water, in this case.

He went from dashing between geysers and playing run-away from the dumper …


To dancing in the spiral rainshowers with a new friend …


to kicking at the geyser with Grandma …


then wriggling his rear in it …


And running towards the dumper instead of away from it (at least once).


Sometimes adventure has nothing to do with trooping about in the wilderness. A big part of it is challenging yourself and having fun doing something new, wherever you are.


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