Cameron’s Capital Adventure

IMG_2987One of Cameron’s favourite books is “Cameron’s Capital Adventure,” where a boy named Cameron (duh) goes to capital cities around the world in search of his lost blanket. First stop? Ottawa, Canada! At Christmas my Cameron recognized the Peace Tower from afar, thanks to the book. Now, that’s odd. Chapters, Amazon, Barnes&Noble – none of the stores have it!

After we spent a bit of time downtown so that I could apply in person for our passports, Grandma (Janice), Cameron and I had some time to explore and sight-see. Where else to go, but the must-see sight in the city? Alright, I can think of several of those, but we headed for Parliament Hill, so that Cameron could have his own capital adventure. No lost blanket though! Instead, we just explored.

IMG_2989We admired the fountain with the Centennial Flame, and grilled the young man who seemed to be there to answer tourist’s questions. I was impressed, when the guy asked Cameron which province we live in, Cameron answered Ontario. Okay, we don’t live in Ontario. But still, that Cameron remembered that Ontario was a province was awesome.

Next up, the Peace Tower! Or at least that was the plan. The signs were extraordinarily unclear! We went in the wrong door and got shooed out by security. We then couldn’t find the way to get to the tower. Even funnier, everyone Janice or I asked seemed to have a different, vague answer. Finally, though, we found our way.IMG_3013

I’d forgotten how beautiful the carvings and the stonework in the Centre block are. If you ever go, be sure to look up, don’t keep your eyes on the floor! Incredible, the time and work that they represent.

IMG_3006I’d also forgotten that you can see the bells of the carillon through the window in the elevator, but I think that Janice reminded me and told Cameron to keep an eye out the window. He was quite impressed. He was even more impressed when we later heard the carillon sounding the hour. Once up in the viewing area, he stayed close to Grandma, listening to her, watching where she pointed, and smiling up at her. He loved being in her arms as she pointed out the plaques on the walls, showing the grotesques and details about the Peace Tower.

IMG_3018Finally, it was time to go. We had to scurry back home, and so seeing the locks at the mouth of the Rideau, and the statues all around, will have to wait for another trip.

Now, when we read Cameron’s Capital Adventure or see pictures on the internet of Parliament Hill, Cameron can now say, “Heeeyy! I’ve been there! There are big bells there!” He then proceeds to imitate the swinging and ringing of the bells, to illustrate. “We went there with Grandma!”


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