Half Asleep

Okay, it’s only a quarter past ten, but I’m going to head to bed. I know, I know, I’m still not done telling you about the holiday. But that’s because we packed so much in, and I just can’t bear to squish it all into a couple of posts. It was a busy and somewhat stressful day at work, and the day began early, then ended with a rangy whiney tiring evening. So it’s a happiness post evening.

Chiropractors know backs and spines. I hurt. How is this happy? I’m sure I’ll feel better soon. That’s happy.

I talked with Betty tonight, and it looks like we’ll get to see each other on her next visit! As well, the passports arrived. We’ll be able to go see her, possibly even for the American Thanksgiving!

We’ve got camping plans for the weekend!

Speaking of plans, you may recall that before we left on our trip, Cameron’s illness meant that I had to postpone plans? Things are looking good for Thursday. What things? Happy things. Am I gonna tell? Nope.

I’m looking forward to work being done tomorrow. Or at least a chunk of it. It’s not that I dislike work – in fact, I enjoy my job. But safety inspections, even ‘informal’ ones, make me twitch. I’m happy that that will be over tomorrow.

I’m all set to go to bed, heating pad for my back, good book to read if I can keep my eyes open, cat curled up on my legs. Sleeeeeep makes me happy.


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