Still Time to Have a Summer Adventure!

The summer days are slowly coming to an end – in some places, school has already started! Days may still be warm, even hot, but there’s a scent, a feel of the wind, a chill in the morning that hints at rusty-leaved autumn to come.

Get out there and enjoy summer while you can! Have an adventure this weekend!

Adventure doesn’t have to mean a Big Trip. Something that is planned, organized, and tickets bought can lead to adventure, but sometimes it’s just a trip. Adventure comes from your attitude. Come and see! What’s under here? What’s around this corner? Oh, we missed the bus. Here’s the next one, let’s see where it goes?

  • Camp out in your back yard. Actually camping is sometimes more than a family can handle doing, but what if you don’t need to go anywhere? Or if you have no back yard (and no friends with back yards you could borrow), maybe on the balcony? Or even just in your living room. Many cities have burning restrictions, so light candles in a cluster and roast marshmallows, with careful supervision if you have kids, over the flames. No kids? Sounds like a nice, mellow at-home date night opportunity. Sleep out in the back yard under starry skies or in tents. If you live in a city like Vancouver, though, tents might be best … you don’t want to be woken up by a skunk or raccoon cosying up. Or sleep on your balcony or in the living room for a change. Tell stories in the dark. Where do you imagine you’re camping? Describe where you are so others can see it too, and go to sleep surrounded in palm trees waving in the wind, and the ocean’s waves crashing nearby, or in a flower-covered alpine meadow with a babbling brook running past, or in the middle of a deep, dark wood with owls hooting in the trees above. Perhaps give each person a turn – I’m sure we’d find ourselves camping out on Mars!
  • Go for a walk in the forest somewhere close to home, and give whoever you’re with your full attention. Your partner, your friend, your kids, or yourself if you’re alone. To keep the small set amused, tell a silly story with them as the star. Better yet, have them help you! Cameron and Samuel were playing on the big steam engine, when all of a sudden, it started to move! Their parents couldn’t keep up! Oh, no! Cameron, what did you do next? Cameron’s latest favourite involves missing body parts, where he wakes up in the morning and his earlobes, chin, nose, and belly button have all gone off exploring. Sometimes I’ll send his earlobes scampering out the door, and ask Cameron what he does next. Or, he can’t find his belly button, where did it go? Sometimes he’ll ‘find’ them migrated elsewhere on his body (his belly button was actually on his bum, or his ears were on his knees), or sometimes he’ll describe searching and finding them under the tub.
  • Not up for anything big? Fine, no worries. Have a picnic supper. Under the kitchen table. Watch your head!
  • Want to experience some of the cultural activities around town? These can be adventures too, learning about music in the park, or a type of food, or … well, how about a lesson in physics on board a ride at the fair?
  • Kids are naturally good at adventures, especially if they’re raised to enjoy them. Why not ask them where they want to go? The catch is … no fair doing this if you don’t at least oblige them in some things.
  • Whatever you choose to do, have fun doing it! Get out there, spend a good chunk of the weekend outside, and as much time as you can playing. Have an adventure, or two or ten!

2 responses to “Still Time to Have a Summer Adventure!

  1. Hey I like these suggestions.
    C and I do picnics on our patio. She loves it. Says, ” mommy, lets have a picnic!” all the time.
    Another suggestion is Pajama walk. C and I sometimes shake it up a bit by going for a walk after bath and after pajamas. Just for something different.

  2. I’ve had that camping in the backyard idea floating around in my head for a while. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun! The thing that has stopped me is figuring out what to do with the dogs. I’m afraid they’d keep us up all night whether they were in the tent or out. Boy that sounds lame, doesn’t it. That’s it. I’m checking the weather forecast and sending Richard into the pile of long-lost stuff in the crawlspace to look for the camping stuff.

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