Maybe in 15 Years

Cameron has found his new favourite adventure, one he’s asked a zillion times already, “Next time, can I do THAT?” He’s now moved on to, “When I’m bigger, I can do that. Next time we camp I’ll be bigger, right Mommy?”

What’s THAT?


Parasailing. The only kind I’d ever seen before the parasailers are either reeled back down to land right in the boat gently, or are released not too high to sail down on their own. These guys were released w-a-a-a-a-y up high to wheel and soar and spin tight little freaky circles where their canopy was freaking BELOW them and then a landing on the beach.

Cameron was entranced the entire time by this activity, craning his neck upwards. The very first time he saw this, he instantly requested while jumping up and down and waving his arms, “Can I try that, Mommy?” We sat in the canoe and watched takeoffs, which prompted my little guy to exclaim phrases I’d never really heard out of his mouth: Oh, YEAH! Oh, YEAH! WOW! OOOOOHHHH MAAAANNN YYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!

He even started yelling questions across the water at the group gathered on the beach.

I think I might have my hands full, really soon.

(I’ll write more tomorrow about our not-so-backwoods camping adventure. Lilooet Lake is a bit too accessible to be truly backwoods, but we still had a great time!)


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