A Difficult Day

I should’ve known it was going to be a long, difficult day. I’m not a huge believer in fate, but lemmetellya, there’s this one bus driver who is the Sign of Things to Come. He’s aloof and indifferent on the best days. The worst he informs me that he’ll let me on with coffee just this once, but if I spill it I’d darned well better pay for drycleaning, looks at Cameron as if a rat with mange and diarrhea just walked on his bus, drives through red lights blaring his horn, only to slam on the brakes at the stops.

Daycare began with me trying to have a reasonable talk with the woman who runs it. I should’ve known better. Even when I’m saying, “Hey, something Cameron said made me think maybe he’s giving you a hard time. Anything I can do to help,” she responds very negatively. I was basically informed that my child swears like a sailor, tells the other kids to cry and cry and their mothers will let them have what they want (because that works ever so well in our house), is a bully, screams when he doesn’t get what he wants, and, best of all, needs more sleep. Of course, when I responded that I can try to get him to bed earlier but it wont be easy, she assumed that this is because he fights bedtime. No, I patiently explained. We get home around six thirty most days. I have to make supper, eat supper, bathe him, and I feel it’s important to read to him. These things take time.

Fine, so off to work. Really, I do enjoy my work. Today was one of the less enjoyable days, and let’s just leave it at that.

Back to daycare. Yeah, so now the problem of course is still that he doesn’t get enough sleep (have I mentioned that she refuses to follow her own advice to me concerning sleep, and won’t enforce naps? Which Cameron still clearly needs?), only now the manifestation of this problem is that he’s antisocial. He told other kids he doesn’t want to play with them. Oh, NO! My child was cranky and tired and knew he couldn’t handle being with other kids, and this is a problem HOW? I refrained from mentioning that when it is her son wanting alone time and my son not letting him, her son HITS my son, and once even PEED on him.

I’ll mostly just let the issues at daycare slide. Swearing? All the kids do it. Cry and you’ll get what you want? Well, he says he said the opposite, that you don’t get what you want. Whatever. Screaming and crying? Uh, well, then you’re the expert, surely you can handle this. The part where he wants to play alone? I’m telling Cameron to go tell Lori when he wants to play alone, and will ask Lori to assist him with clear rules – he can’t chase kids away from what they’re already doing, he has to /leave/ the group activity and go play by himself, he can’t take a toy from another kid in order to play alone with it.

Okay, so, yes my little love was tired on the way home. The bus could’ve been renamed Three Mile Island, the meltdowns were so intense. I don’t blame him, he just heard his daycare provider list off a series of things he did wrong today. And I was tired and cranky. Grocery shopping we had a mutual meltdown.

So that was my no good not very fun awful day.

Not how I want to end the day… so how about some happinesses?

Before we got to daycare Cameron was in a fine mood, trying to see how far he could jump, and cooperating with a bizarre Mommy demand. The day before he’d screamed and bawled the whole walk to the bus because we didn’t go the way he wanted. This time we retraced our steps, and he didn’t cry at all. Ta-dah!

At least when Cameron’s melty from being tired I get lots of snuggles.

Cameron discovered his latest  Chirp magazine, and settled down to ‘read’ it for himself. A first!

Supper cheered Cameron up considerably. Spinach pizza. We had a lovely supper, chatting and laughing.

Cameron sat in the tub on his own, singing “I’m a bubble head,” to himself. He kept repeating the phrase, changing tunes, volume, voice, speed, tone, even tried once while blowing bubbles. I knew that if I laughed at all it’d break the spell, so I sat in the living room and kept quiet.

Cameron picked one of my favourite bedtime stories tonight, for his second story. The first was a cute song-book, with detailed pictures and after each verse we’d challenge each other to find stuff: a cat, a dog, a man sweeping, a motorcycle. Then it was time for the Night Forest. Cameron fought sleep to listen, but by the last page he was just about done. He fell asleep snuggled on my lap, holding my hand.


2 responses to “A Difficult Day

  1. Hugs, friend.
    Sorry you had a rotten day.
    I’m trying not to thing too much about your daycare scenario because it just makes me mad. And worried. Today is Daniel’s first day of pre-school and i hope hope hope it’s going to be a fun, loving, nurturing environment for him and the teacher will be supportive rather than critical and judgmental (especially since i’m sure the first couple weeks will be tough)
    Tomorrow will be better.

  2. Sorry, that sounds like a day that you just want to end! The daycare situation is frustrating me, even just by reading it. You are so patient. Hang in there.

    On another note, Cameron is so cute! That bubble head singing made me smile.

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