Happinesses on Friday

I’m tired and still sick. So you’ll just have to make do with happinesses!

Cameron had a pretty awesome morning, if awesome is counted in number of stickers and encounters with emergency personnel. Firefighter stickers, coffee shop sticker, chiro stickers – enough stickers that he was happy with the idea of sharing them at daycare. Which was good, as I wasn’t looking forward to peeling that many stickers off the floor, walls, and furniture.

Warm cat curled up over my arm while I type, twitching and mrrring as she dreams.

Sun on a day I’d thought would be full of clouds.

Saying ‘yes’ to Cameron when he wanted to watch Madagascar.

Toffee. Yes, toffee makes me happy.

I’ve cleaned my kitchen … almost. Still a few dishes in the sink, and the floor still needs doing. Ugh. The fridge needs a cleanout, and the pantry needs tidying. Waitasec, this was happy thoughts. The kitchen is more tidy and clean than it was at supper. I want a dishwasher.

I feel better than yesterday. My throat isn’t on fire any more. But I’m wiped right out.

Last happy thought for now … my bed. Clean sheets, an extra blanket, the fan blowing cool air. Why cool air when I need an extra blanket? Oooh, there’s just something nice about a cool breeze and being snug under warm blankets. Nimoo will curl up at my feet. Here’s hoping Cameron sleeps through … even sleeps in!


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