Tomorrow …

I swear, tomorrow I’ll have an adventure post up here. But for right now, I’m wiped right out. Cold recovery, Cameron’s clearly not feeling quite 100% yet, and we pushed a bit hard. Had fun with Carly and Lolo, but still exhausted. I’ll post tomorrow, email tomorrow, call tomorrow, and … I’m sure there’s other stuff I should’ve done. That’ll be tomorrow too.

Now to do something about the mess of clothes and such on my bed. And at the foot of my bed. And on the floor beside my bed. Maybe I’ll just dump the stuff from my bed onto the piles … and do it all tomorrow.

Quick happy thought:

Dozed off a bit tonight as Cameron fell asleep. We were snuggled in his room, cool breeze coming in the window, stars lighting up his sloping ceiling. Nimoo draped herself across his legs, purring contentedly.


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