Waitasec …

How did it get to be a quarter to midnight? Who stole the hours between nine and now? Oh. Right. Okay, a good phone conversation, but it wasn’t that long was it?

So tonight, quick happinesses.

Apple pie. That’s right, a pretty simple happiness. Cameron helped me make it yesterday, from measuring out ingredients and mixing the pastry, to rolling the pastry, to eating apple pieces so quickly it was hard to keep ahead of him enough to fill the pie. The whole house, I’m sure, smelled yummy as it baked. We’ve still got lots leftover – not only was it a big pie, but Cameron actually declined dessert tonight. He just wanted his comfort food, yogurt, before bed.

A good book, not that I’ll get much reading done tonight. I’m around halfway through A Complicated Kindness.

Cooler days and nights. Alright, I do love summer, and I’ll miss it once the rain returns in earnest. But for now, I’m ready for Fall. There’s a hint of that crisp scent to the wind, of leaves almost ready to turn (as much as they do around here), of coolness, of squash soups and pumpkin pies.

Cameron sound asleep, wiped out from a day of play at the beach (we played with jellyfish Mommy! White ones, not the red ones, they sting! — wow, he listened), glitter from daycare washed out of his hair, and stars sprinkled across his ceiling. He’s letting me turn on the star turtle again, woohoo! I think I love that thing  more than he does.

Two yellow tomatoes from our fire escape, ready to eat, in the fruit bowl. Beside the fruit bowl is a small shallow dish of soil, in which four orange seeds have sprouted. Cameron loves to look at the roots through the clear plastic bottom, and to count the green leaves.


One response to “Waitasec …

  1. Mmmmm…. apple pie. Great idea!
    We went apple picking at the farm today, so i think this will be a pie weekend 🙂 I’ve had pumpkin pie on the brain too.

    What do you think aout that book so far? I haven’t read it. Thumbs up or down? Should i pick it up?

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