Adventure: Nearing End of Summer Already?

Alright, it’s been a while since I did my regular Thursday night weekend adventure suggestion posts.

I’m still formulating exactly what I mean by adventure. Fun, excitement, doing something new, doing something old in a new way, finding something new in a place you didn’t look before, taking a new path, going somewhere you’ve never been before, changing plans and doing something totally different, doing something out of the ordinary … all of these play a part. But it’s attitude that ties the package together. The child’s excitement and wonder, and willingness to explore. The sense of “what if?” Anticipation, surprise, excitement. Laughter. I’m sure there’s more.

I’ll admit bias. Get outside! Summer’s long days are disappearing, and hours of hot, brilliant sunshine are melting into rainy, puddly and cool times if you live around here. Or perhaps crisp frosts await you in a few weeks. For the most part I like to say that there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing. But I’m a bit of a weather wimp. I don’t want to go hiking when it’s raining, and I sure have little interest in camping then either. That’s okay – but it means I’d better get out and enjoy good weather when we have it!

Rainy, wet, and the park is full of puddles? While I’ve admitted to being a weather wimp, why is this an issue? Home is just a few blocks away. Put on rain gear and get out there. If you don’t have a kid, borrow a friend’s or neighbour’s (uh, ask first). Alone, it’s hard to get in the mood to splash in puddles. Get out there with a child or two though and you’ll soon be splashing up a storm and laughing yourself silly. Then go inside and warm up, get into dry clothes, and maybe have a hot chocolate.

Break in the rain? Go for a bike ride around the neighbourhood, and explore. Or just enjoy the wind on your face. Challenge friends or kids to races. Shout – go on, do it! You’re outside, it’s okay!

While on the topic of shouting and being outside, with so much time spent indoors away from rain, some kids can go a little stir crazy. Adults, too! Step one, get outside. Step two, shout at the top of your lungs. Step three … don’t worry, the kids’ll take over from there. Cameron often starts shouting at one place in particular on our walk home after daycare, and I figure what the heck, keep it going. Better outside than in!

FOOD! That’s half the fun of this time of year I think, with farmer’s markets still selling the typical summer fare, and fall items start to show up too. Try visiting one, or wander your neighbourhood looking at the gardens others are growing. Around here there’s a trend starting of people turning their front yards into food-producing gardens with borders of flowers. The coho salmon run is beginning soon – betcha there’ll be yummy fish at the Coho festival in West Vancouver. Or perhaps try a food adventure a little bit closer to home, and look at what’s on your plate in a whole new light. The other night Cameron decided that our egg and ham wraps were actually jellyfish and the green bits of vegetables were seaweed.

Whatever you do, remember – Sunday is Grandparent’s Day. I had no clue. Sure, yeah, it could be nothing more than a Hallmark holiday. Or you could make it more than that, couldn’t you?

So, I can’t wrap up and deliver adventure to you. You’ll have to supply the secret ingredient! I can, however, give ideas to head you in the ‘right’ direction. But hey … go the other direction. An adventure might lie there!


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