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Carly never fails to make me laugh. In case you missed her comment, you can read it here.

Okay, so overall I’m doing better than Edison. That’s happy news!

I also recognize that yesterday wasn’t exactly poor parenting. It was just an awful end to a difficult day, no more and no less. I made some poor choices. I didn’t enforce the rules of the ‘game’. I was tired after a night of being woken up repeatedly by a child reacting to noises I didn’t hear, then being kept awake by his protests that he really heard them. All of this was compounded by Cameron being overtired and also disappointed that his day wasn’t as wonderful as he’d imagined.

Every parent has their off days. Every kid does too. Sometimes those are going to coincide and collide. But nobody gave me a seatbelt, let alone a five-point harness.

Today was better. Tomorrow will be hard, as I’m about to enforce a new rule: Finding Nemo is a weekend morning movie now. It just gets him far too upset and worked up. Interestingly enough, not for the reasons I initially thought he might get upset. Still, bedtime tonight was pretty unpleasant, and Cameron only just fell asleep.

Even though it was better today, I’m still in need of just posting happinesses. Anyone new here? Yeah, this is what I do when things are tough. I don’t like going to bed thinking about how awful things were. Hockey players practice shooting and passing skills, right? Dancers practice pirouettes and other intricate motions. Sprinters practice starts from blocks, leg motions, and arm motions. Musicians do scales and practice chords and technique. We practice what we want to do, doing it over and over again until it feels natural. Well, why on earth would I want to practice feeling sad, miserable, mean, and like a failure? I’d far rather practice feeling happy and appreciative of the good things in my life.

Cameron was difficult to wake this morning, but he slept straight through the night without a peep. When he did get up, he tottered straight for me and threw himself into my lap for a snuggle, managing a barely intelligible, “I love you, Mommy. You make me happy.” It wasn’t his I-know-I’m-in-trouble I love you, it wasn’t his needing reassurance I love you. It was the real thing.

“Hop, Mommy, hop!” We played the silly walks game on the way to the bus this morning.

The guys at the coffee shop. If you have to have a Monday morning, that place is a good place to start it off. Think Cheers, but coffee not beer.

My back is starting to feel better. Odd, and still a bit achy, but better.

I had a conversation that I’ve needed to have for a while. You see, someone has had my camping gear all summer long. It’s a long story. I was mad, frustrated, and really inconvenienced by this … but not in a way that I’m likely to stay upset forever about. It’s not really worth kicking up a huge fuss over, after all she’s sort of like a cousin. I did warn her that I’m going to take her up on her offer of babysitting in compensation, but I also let her know that it’s okay, I’m not mad, things are still okay between us.

In need of adventure? Judy posted about a marvelous one she and her Dude had. What a fabulous idea – they have a book about an adventure in their city (or, well, one close to them), and they traced the footsteps of the characters on that adventure. I wonder if there are any adventure stories for kids set in Vancouver? We’ve already done one part of Cameron’s Capital Adventure, in Ottawa, but it’s just not the same!

Cameron and I might be moving. It’s a hard decision to make – it’s got a lot of advantages, but also a few disadvantages. Details still have to be discussed, but … I’m pretty excited!

Anticipation of plans for later this week. And maybe earlier in the week, too. And I don’t really know what or how much to write about that here. So I’ll just leave it there.

Aaand, bedtime. The idea of snuggling down in my bed, and doing a little reading (Arabian Nights) is very appealing.


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  1. Hey there 🙂

    My oldest, Carmen, and I have a new routine to help me ‘practice being happy’ – we ask each other what our highlights and frustrations were that day. She’s finally old enough to take part in this and really understand the concept! It helps me get a bit of perspective on the really hard days, because we both get a chance to vent a bit and brag a bit… it’s interesting too, to see what her perspective on things is at the end of the day, when we’ve both had time to settle.

    Hope you enjoyed your book! I’m reading a British murder mystery and I have to ‘get into character’ each time I pick it up, so I can understand the accents!

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