Late-Summer Adventures

Summer might be almost over, but don’t give up on it just yet! This, in some ways, is the best part. The nights are cool, the bugs are mostly gone, and the sunny days are worth cherishing. Especially if you’re in Vancouver, where Fall and Winter mean lots of rain. Even better, wherever you are, the tourists have probably left and the easy-to-get-to locales aren’t crowded any more.

So why not get out there and let an adventure find you? Pack a lunch – or a supper for a change – and head out there.

I know I’ve got my favourite places I’ve suggested again and again to go for a hike around my neck of the woods. There are, however, many more. Why not get a copy of a walk or hike book relevant to your area and peruse some destinations? Find somewhere you’ve never been. Turns out to be too steep, rough, or long for you, the kids, or your parents? Oh well, find something interesting to do in the area instead. You’re far more likely to find an adventure and come home with a really good story if you’re flexible. Just … don’t be too flexible. You don’t want your story to involve a night in a ravine and a rescue by the North Shore Search and Rescue, right? Keep in mind the essentials for a safe hike, and remember that the North Shore mountains look tame on the south slopes, but are rather challenging on the other side.

Up for a bit of a drive? Why not head out to Squamish for a change (darned auto-correct, keeps changing that to squeamish)? What’s to see out there? There are a tonne of hikes and walks ranging from toddler-friendly to challenging for the more experienced hiker. Watch climbers at the Smoke Bluffs – you might come back with a sudden desire to take the intro course at Cliffhanger. There’s a gorgeous waterfall. I think it’s a little early, but keep the nearby Brackendale in your mind for a month from now, I think that’s when the bald eagles congregate there. Not around Vancouver? Okay, Squamish might be difficult to get to, but surely you’ve got an area where people do outdoors things you’ve never tried. Go – watch – be inspired!

Near the mountains? I have it on good authority that further inland the blueberries are pretty much done, but I do remember that it was later in the year last year that we went up to Mystery Lake. Lots of blueberries there! Grab a pail and go!

Alright, you don’t have to get right out of town like that to have an adventure. As always, you can do that just by walking around the block with the right attitude. You can have an adventure in your own kitchen. Try baking bread or pies if you haven’t before? Open a recipe book, and try something you’ve never made. Have the kids help you make the grocery list, and go find the ingredients. Go shopping and ask the kids to each pick one thing they’ve never eaten before … then figure out how to cook it so they will.  Still wanting to get out? Have a look at the tourist websites for your area, and find something you’ve never done before. Go there. Explore, and have fun!

What will Cameron and I be doing? I haven’t yet figured that out.  I have plans sans Cameron for Friday night – plans I’m pretty excited about. Since we went to the Capilano bridge last weekend, we might head to Lynn Valley this time. Or who knows – I might decide to rent a car and get us right out of the city. We’ll see. I’ll let you know what we decide to do!


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