Milk Factory!

IMG_3341A year ago I won an awesome contest where the prize was an outfit from one of my favourite places to get kid’s clothing, Milk Factory. How very cool! The thing was, even though I was thrilled and excited, through circumstances entirely my own fault I never got the package! At least, that is, until last week. Cameron is now sporting brand new size 4 (thank you, Penny, for subbing 4s for the 3s) khaki green pants with orange piping, and orange longsleeved shirt with blue stitching. This, in addition to what I just bought – size fives of those, plus a blue shortsleeved T with orange stitching, and an orange beanie hat. Phew! He’s set for probably two or three years with Milk Factory clothes!

Now, you can probably guess that I like Milk Factory. And if you read here much, you know that I’ve had no ads on this site (er, okay, except for the book but that’s more of a proud of myself thing), and openly state when I’m posting something for a contest entry or something. So I need to say here that I’m NOT getting paid or receiving anything in return for my post here today. This is my honest opinion.

These clothes are fantastic!


Things to know about them:

  • They’re locally made, by a locally started and owned company.
  • The Quick Wick clothing provides 40 SPF coverage without chemicals – and are way more stylish than those zip-up sunsuits other companies make.
  • Serious comfort! Cameron wears his nearly-grown-out items as PJs and prefers them to regular PJs, that’s how comfortable they are. Flat-stiched seams, stretchy fabric, no scratchy labels.
  • Wicking wonderful – ever noticed how babies often get drool rash under their chins and own their fronts? Or how uncomfortable a kid can be in summer when they’re sweaty? Or how about getting chilled when active playtime leads to quiet nap time, and sweat-damp clothes get cold? Not with this Quick Wick fabric. It’s the same stuff athletes wear, the same fabric as your ‘technical’ Ts are probably made from if you have those. Great for summer wear, layering under fleece or snowsuits, or just regular wear.
  • The fabric is durable to put it mildly, holds its colour beautifully, and the clothes are well constructed. Cameron’s first set has now been worn by at least three kids, and last I saw it, it was still nearly-new in appearance. Today Cameron was scrambling around and sliding down on a large granite rock, and I had no worries at all about him ruining his new clothing.P1011866

Even better … they’re having a SALE! You’ve missed the big 50% off one, but you can still get 25% off almost everything they make.



2 responses to “Milk Factory!

  1. Love reading about your adventures. Wonderful memories triggered by the photo of ‘baby’ Cameron as we waited for the ferry, seems both so many years ago and yesterday.

  2. Love Milk Factory, love Penny! I own two of the SpillProof Blankets for my Stroller Fitness classes, and bought 8 shirts for the girls for our outdoor adventures this summer. They were awesome for layering (long and short sleeves together) at nighttime, and so perfect as stand-ins for bathing suit tops! I loved not having to worry so much about slathering with sunscreen on those sandier days, and they were so easy to wash and dry while travelling!

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