She’ll Come to Get Me Early!

Cameron’s fever was gone long before morning, so I called daycare. She agreed, I could bring Cameron in, as he’d had no other symptoms besides fever and exhaustion.

Once we were there, I explained to Cameron yet again that he needed to have a nap, that we were going to the Aquarium after daycare for a special treat. They were having special evening hours for members only.  I told him that if he couldn’t sleep he could ask Lori for a book to read, but he had to rest and have a quiet time. Then I said to Lori that I’d be in my office most of the day today, that if there were any problems, if his fever returned, I could come and get him early and we’d go home.

I think he missed that going home part. He just heard ‘get him early.’

So, I got the phone call. He had a bit of a fever, so did her own son. If it weren’t for her own child being sick she could’ve kept Cameron … but … you know. So I wrapped things up quickly at work and headed for daycare, dreading telling Cameron that we weren’t going to the aquarium.

I was greeted by a gleeful and perfectly healthy little Cameron, exclaiming, “You’re here! Now we can go to the aquarium!” His ploy had worked.

We did go, but I made him wait. And wait. And Lori now knows to check his temperature!


It turned out to be a fun evening. We saw a porpoise that’s new to the aquarium, the baby belugas were playing despite the youngest one being herded into the back pool by her mommy, a ‘vet’ checked out Bunny and reminded Cameron to clean his ears well. We found blue “Dorrie” fish, and found the clown fish darting amongst anemones. He got an up-close look at a shark’s teeth thanks to the thing yawning at his head, and oggled a sea turtle. Then we plastered ourselves against the glass of the bat exhibit for a while. The walk to the bus loop was a little unnerving – through the park after dark. Oh well, it was safe enough, and we saw a raccoon on the way.

The last ‘adventure’ of the day was the bus trip home. Got to love the downtown east side, even just the corner of it we went through. A person who clearly had some major troubles came on board – I couldn’t tell if this person was male or female and didn’t really want to look long enough to remedy this. He or she was loud, uttering a steady stream of “fuck, fucking, fucker, fucking shit,” and so on with short and unintelligible babbles between. He or she went to the back of the bus asking for change, and returned disgruntled and swearing even more loudly. Cameron’s eyes just about popped out of his head. I very quietly asked him, “Do you see why I don’t like you using those words?” He nodded, speechless, as I explained, “That person has some big problems inside her head, don’t you think? That doesn’t sound very nice,  I don’t think she’s very happy, do you?” He climbed onto my lap and pressed his face into my neck. As much as I wish my love didn’t have to see that, it might just help me in squelching his usage of certain words.

Tomorrow I’ll share our weekend adventure with you.


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