Adventures for the Weekend

Okay okay, I missed my weekend adventure posting last night. My aunt arrived, and we chatted until nearly 1 am. I guess I’m just not dedicated enough, I went to sleep instead of blogging.

It’s autumn now, in more than just that we’ve passed the equinox around here at least. In the span of a week we went from summer-with-hints-of-fall to trees turning colours, chill in the air, a change in the light … everything. Except the rain. Fall in Vancouver can be re-named “The rain returns” most years. So, you have absolutely no excuse. Get out there and enjoy the new season!

We spent Wednesday evening outside in the back yard, just me and Cameron. We swept the pear leaves off the trampoline and jumped while the sunset turned golden, laughing, and enjoying the laughter lifting up from yards down the street. It’s incredible to notice how much the sunset location (I’m sure there’s a technical term for that) shifts in just a few months. Not long ago we would be jumping in full sunlight – and now it’s through pear-tree filtered light. The ripe (and over-ripe) pears scented the breeze, and apples are turning rosy early on their tree. I miss the dragonflies circling and swooping overhead, but at the same time I’m glad, and looking forward to cosy evenings after playing in piles of leaves. Last night I was out in the back yard getting laundry in, and glanced up at the sky. In summer there’s too much haze in the city to see much, as though the heat obscures the stars. Now, it’s hardly like a country night sky, but dozens of stars hung up there, crisp and bright. So, challenge yourselves. Go out and have fun, and just let yourself notice and appreciate the changes.

Investigate local festivals! Now is surely the time for it. Around here, Kindervibe suggests a Harvest Festival at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House, and there’s an Apple Day at the Historic Farm in Surrey. Or combine two other favourite things into an event – go to Word on the Street on Sunday, at Library Square in Vancouver. Not in Vancouver or the area? Google is your friend. Try your city or town, and harvest festival, or apple festival, or … hmm. I know I have a few readers in Australia (hi!), but I have no clue what seasonal things you have going on there.

Another great way to get yourself out there and outside is to find a river. This Sunday is BC Rivers Day, where the critical role of rivers in our province’s ecology and economy are recognized. So, plan a hike that takes you to a river – Capilano, Fraser, Lynn, Cheakamus to name a few of the many around here – and take some time to discover what it is about them that is so special? Already in the know? Take some kids or friends with you, and share.

Keep in mind that these are all things to do, but are not inherently adventures. If that’s enough for you, fantastic! But keep an open mind, explore, be curious, take the unfamiliar path (but do stay on the paths on the north shore mountains, they’re not as tame as you might think). This can be done inside or outside, or anywhere. Read a book that’s outside of your normal genre. Take a class – self defense, cooking, pottery, a language. Really get down and play with your child instead of just going, “Uh-huh, I see, that’s nice!” Let him or her call the shots. Let your child decide what’s for supper, and get his or her help making it. Have a letter meal, where as many items as possible start with the same letter: Apple and avocado salad with ahi tuna and artichoke hearts.

We’re heading for a hike on one of the north shore mountains, or at least that’s the current plan. Think there’ll be blueberries? Will Cameron get to see a bear? I’ll let you know! How about you? Any plans?


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